Global Minor Acting in I.T. Presentation Session

Belgium Campus iTversity is devoted to the growth of I.T. education and its students through continuous efforts to provide a world-class educational experience for all students. It has joined forces with five other international universities – Universitat de Lleida (Spain), Fontys School of ICT (Netherlands), FH University of Applied Sciences (Upper Austria) and PXL University of Applied Sciences (Belgium) – and they are collectively embarking on a global study programme that will offer students an opportunity to learn while exploring the world. The Minor Global Acting in I.T. is a global-barrier breaking programme designed to provide students with education in an unprecedented manner, where five universities will simultaneously be offering higher education to the same students. The C.E.O of Belgium Campus iTversity, Mr Enrico Jacobs, presented an overview of the programme, which will commence at the end of August, to students and parents. The aim of the presentation was to officially break down the whole course arrangement and provide some insight into the programme with an opportunity for students to ask related questions. In addition to sharing interesting information about the other universities, the presentation addressed the advantages of the whole experience, the participation and travel requirements, and some general information about the countries. It was an informative session from inception to completion. Six students from each institution will be able to register for this incredible programme. The programme will consist of five teams of one student per university, with a maximum of six students per team. The scheduled course will be made up of five modules, UX, AI, Cyber Security, Data Science and the Internet of Things, which will each be offered individually at one of the five institutions, with Belgium Campus presenting the Data Science module. These students will also receive a certificate upon completion. Their assignments will come from the industry stakeholders and will relate to the sustainable development goals enabling students to engage in projects which tackle real-life problems, and potentially come up with viable solutions. Although all these universities are scattered around the world, where different languages are spoken, the programme will be offered only in English. All Belgium Campus 3rd year Bachelor students are encouraged to apply on the Belgium Campus website by filling out all the required information, and writing a motivational letter to persuade the panel of judges to be selected. There is sponsorship available, however, it will not cover everything. The presentation highlighted the minimum costs a student can budget for and also stipulated the rough amount each student will need to have access to, to comfortably enjoy the experience.   In between travelling from one university to another, there will be breaks which will allow students to explore the multi-versatile cultures in every country and continue to learn beyond academics. They will get to experience the unique cultures through historical monuments, food, languages, interactions and many more. Other significant details provided by the presentation were the programme fall-back plans with consideration to how COVID-19 has, and still may affect the international travel conditions. The ideal plan is for all selected students to travel and attend modules on site at all participating universities but, should there be challenges surrounding that, there are various virtual options to fall back on. These alternative plans will be implemented as, and when needed. The session also gave a glimpse of how important and exhilarating this is for the leader of the dynamic team of Belgium Campus iTversity, who exhibited knowledge and precision throughout the session. The students were engaged in the session and their line of questioning indicated that they are enthusiastic and optimistic about the up-coming programme. At the end of the presentation, the students understood the selection process, elaborate details about the programme, financial implications, and what is expected of them should they be selected to participate. The Belgium Campus iTversity’s flag will continue to be flown high wherever its students are, because that’s the way they are wired! By Kgomotso Mogotlane

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