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Study Software Engineering at Belgium Campus iTversity

When deciding what to study at a higher education level, you should look for a course that provides multiple opportunities, both during your studies and once you graduate. A software engineering course at Belgium Campus iTversity does just that. This article will help you decide if this course is right for you by outlining the many opportunities it affords.

Opportunities during Your Studies

Aside from being an exceptional qualification that will transform you into a world-class professional, Belgium Campus’ software engineering course has several additional benefits. Some of these benefits are outlined below:

Exciting Electives

Beyond the core subjectsthat provide the critical knowledge and skills to become a competent professional in this field, this course also offers a range of exciting electives, including User Experience Design, Machine Learning, Innovation Management, Internet of Things, and Entrepreneurship.

Work Experience

This four-year qualification comes with the added advantage of one-year workplace training at a leading organisation. This training takes place in the final year, and Belgium Campus helps students secure placement at one of their industry partners in South Africa or abroad.

Study Abroad

Studentswho study towards this qualification have the incredible opportunity to apply for Belgium Campus’ international minor programme, Global Acting in IT. During this programme, students travel to universities in Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria to attend various IT modulesbefore completing an intercultural and multidisciplinary group project.

International Projects 

Students enrolled for this qualification also have the privilege to participate in internationalprojects in South Africa. These projects are generally centred on the Sustainable Development Goals and either involve international students travelling to South Africa to work with our students or virtual collaboration. In some cases, these projects are even commissioned by industry giants like Lockheed Martin.

Opportunities after Your Studies

If the above doesn’t give you enough reason to study this course, there are plenty of additional benefits you can look forward to once you graduate. These include:

Exciting and Challenging Work

Experts in this line of work literally solve problems for a living by designing and creating computersystems andapplications. With the rate that new programminglanguages and technologies emerge, you’ll always be kept on your toes. 

Job Opportunities

The world is facing a shortage of software engineering experts, which is only set to worsen. According to the US Labor Department, the talent shortage may reach 85.2 million by 2030! This global deficit may not bode well for organisations that need this skill (virtually every organisation), but it is an incredible advantage for professionals entering this field. It leaves them spoilt for choice by giving them access to numerous job opportunities worldwide. 

Work Flexibility

The high demand for software engineering professionals means that organisations are willing to offer more work flexibility to secure top talent. This could come in the form of flexible hours or remote working, both of which result in a favourable work-life balance.

High Pay

Similar to the above, high demand also comes with high pay as organisations compete for the limited number of skilled professionals within this field. And while high pay shouldn’t be the only reason to pursue a particular career, it certainly doesn’t hurt! According to Indeed, the average salary for this career in South Africa is R 43 098 per month.  

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