Creating Opportunities

For talented young individuals to access quality higher education regardless of their socio-economic status is high on our agenda at Belgium Campus iTversity.

Time to interact and build professional relationships.

Each company will have a designated time to interact with students via Microsoft Teams. This is the time for you to ask the right questions as a young aspiring IT professional.

You will be able to join the sessions 5 minutes before they start. A button to join will appear 5 minutes before the session.

About The Event

Each year, Belgium Campus iTversity hosts a number of Career Day events where top companies with available IT internship positions are invited to showcase their organisations.

These events allow companies to see the high standard at which our students perform and to engage with them as potential employers.

They also provide our students with an opportunity to secure their crucial internship year at one of the attending organisations, in order to gain vital industry knowledge and complete their qualifications.

All organisations will also be given access to our students’ CVs and work portfolios prior to the event, so that they can get a better idea of who our students are as well as their specific competencies.

First Impressions Last!

Make sure you stand out from the rest of your peers by showing off your skills and your character.

Don’t Forget to set up your display card that will be shown on the career day website.

Student Information

Instructions (What do you need for the event?)

If you have been identified by faculty and have been invited to attend, it is fantastic opportunity for you to showcase yourself and your competencies to a number of potential employers.

You will need to provide us with a CV website which the organisations will be able to access. We encourage you to design a website that not only showcases your skills, but also makes a visual impression and helps you stand out. Not only will this serve as your online CV, but as your portfolio of work too!

Your CV website will be linked on the Career Day website to allow the different organisations to get to know you before the actual event. You will also need to upload a professional picture of yourself together with a business card, which you can create using our online business card editor. You will receive a link later this week where you can log in and upload your website and a professional picture, and create your own business card.