Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in Information Technology



This empowering diploma offers the shortest course of study and the least expensive academic credential.

It develops your core competency in a single discipline and helps you to acquire new skills to quickly launch your career.

The academic programme consists of a generic foundation phase and a specialisation phase. Students are groomed to become professionals, through a strong focus on knowledge, execution and professional skills, which are seamlessly integrated into the curriculum.

The foundation phase gives insight into the field of Information Technology, while the specialisation phase is career-oriented. The diploma specialisations are essential and are aligned with real-world industry requirements.

If you are not sure whether this programme is for you, contact us and see what we recommend for you.

This Diploma in Information Technology has the following streams:

This Diploma in Information Technology has the following specialisations:

2023 Course Info


Mathematics 151MAT151512 
Computer Architecture 151COA15157 
Database Development 151DBD151518 
End user Computing 151EUC15157 
English Communication 151ENG15157 
Information Systems 151INF151512 
Innovation and Leadership 101INL10155 
Innovation and Leadership 102INL10255 
Network Development 151NWD15157 
Programming 151PRG15157 
Programming 152PRG152513PRG151
Web Programming 151WPR151513 
Electives (Choose one of)
Business Management 151BUM15157 
Entrepreneurship 151ENT15157 
Innovation and Leadership 261INL261610INL161
Enterprise Systems 261ERP26164 
IT Law & Ethics 261ILE26166COA151
Project Management 261PMM26167EUC161
Database Development 261DBD26167DBF161
Fundamentals: Infrastructure Stream
Internet Of Things 261IOT26168IOT161
Security 261SEC26168NWD161; ITE261
Cloud-Native Architecture 261CNA26168IOT261
Operating Systems 261OPS261616SEC261
Operating Systems 262OPS26258OPS261
Operating Systems 263OPS26368OPS262
Fundamentals: Software Development Stream
Programming 261PRG261612PRG161
Programming 262PRG26268PRG261; DBD261
Software Testing 261SWT26164PRG261
Software Analysis & Design 261SWA26168PRP161
Web Programming 261WPR261612WPR161
Electives Software Development Stream
Software Testing 262SWT262612SWT261
User Experience & Design 261UAX261612PRG261
Specializations (Choose two of)
Database 630 
Software Testing 262SWT262612SWT261

Work-Simulation ProjectWSP361660PRJ361

Project 361PRJ361610PMM261, INL261
Elective (Choose one of)
Applied Information Technology 361AIT361660PRJ361
Subject View
Innovation and Leadership 161
End-User Computing 161
Business Communication 161 View
Business Management & Entrepreneurship 161
Programming Principles 161
Programming 161
Web Programming 161
Database Concepts 161
Database Functionality 161
Applied Mathematics 161
Statistics 161
Computer Architecture 161
Network Development 161
Internet of Things 161
Subject View
Innovation and Leadership 261
Enterprise Systems 261
IT Law & Ethics 261
Project Management 261
Database Development 261
Fundamentals: Infrastructure Stream
Internet Of Things 261
Security 261
Cloud-Native Architecture 261
Operating Systems 261
Operating Systems 262
Operating Systems 263
Fundamentals: Software Development Stream
Programming 261
Programming 262
Software Testing 261
Software Analysis & Design 261
Web Programming 261
Fundamentals: Software Development Stream
Software Testing 262
User Experience & Design 261
Subject View
Applied Information Technology 350 View

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