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The Code of Conduct for The Belgium Campus iTversity applies to all students and should be read in conjunction with the Academic Handbook. The Code reflects a commitment to the campus values and provides a framework to guide ethical conduct in a way that upholds the integrity and reputation of the Institution. Students are expected to behave in a way that aligns with this Code. They understand that this Code does not cover every specific scenario. Therefore, they use the spirit and intent behind this Code to guide their conduct, and exercise care and diligence in the course of their work and interactions with the Institution. To demonstrate commitment to transparency and accountability, this Code is available to the public on the campus website. Please note that this Code of Conduct is subject to change as per the Gazetted COVID-19 Rules and Regulations published by the Government of South Africa.

Core Values

Belgium Campus iTversity, aims to ensure that all facets of ethical & respectful conduct are a primary commitment by all students. By ensuring that the following core values are shared by students.

  1. Impartiality
  2. Inclusivity
  3. Transparency
  4. Integrity
  5. Respect
  6. Accountability

Guiding Principles

These principles guide the behaviour and decisions of students:

  1. The actions and decisions of students are made to promote the public interest and to advance the mandate and long-term interests of The Belgium Campus iTversity.
  2. Follow all rules and regulations pertaining to the COVID-19 health & safety guidelines.
  3. Students are responsible stewards of public and Belgium Campus iTversity resources.
  4. To serve the public interest, students have a responsibility to uphold The Belgium Campus iTversity mandate.
  5. Students have a responsibility to act in good faith and to place the interests of The Belgium Campus iTversity above their own private interests.
  6. Students behave in a way that demonstrates that their behaviour and actions are fair and reasonable in the circumstance.
  7. Students know that if they have any questions about the Code, or are not sure how to apply these principles, they should consult with their supervisor or the Code Administrator.
  8. Each student confirms [on an annual basis] their understanding of, and commitment to, the Code’s expectations.

General rules and regulations

The policies and procedures in the Academic handbook are the basic rules of the Belgium Campus iTversity, which you are expected to always know and comply with. If you are uncertain about any of these rules, it is your responsibility to obtain clarification from your lecturer or mentor or student counsellor.

  1. All students must ensure that all Health & Safety COVID-19 rules & regulations are strictly adhered to including not sharing items such as masks, cell phones, cigarettes, etc. that may compromise the efforts put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19,
  2. Any damage to Campus property by a student will be paid for by any student who wilfully or negligently causes such damage.
  3. Students’ behaviour must reflect Belgium Campus iTversity. This consists of a consistent non-violent, orderly, proper approach, on or in the immediate vicinity of the Campus premises, towards an office-bearer or of a managerial body of the Campus or staff, a fellow-student or any other person.
  4. Students are expected to comply with lawful instructions or requests from any official body or staff of the Campus.
  5. Any form of littering by any student whilst on Campus is strictly prohibited.
  6. Eating or drinking is only allowed outside of the classrooms.
  7. Students are not allowed to connect their personal computers to the Campus network, unless authorized by Management.
  8. Students must switch off their mobile phones during lectures/ online classes and online assessments or online tests.
  9. Students may only place material relevant to their course on the Campus network.
  10. Students must adhere to the dress code at all times. Please refer to the welcome booklet for rules about uniform. When not in uniform, students are still expected to dress neatly and appropriately at all times. Pyjamas, flip flops, facial piercings and revealing clothing are not allowed, except inside the student’s room.

Behavioural Standards

Behavioural standards help students make appropriate decisions when the issues they face involve ethical considerations. Behavioural standards cannot cover all scenarios but provide guidance in support of day-to-day decisions. All students must adhere to the following standards:

  1. Students must comply with all laws, as well as all BC regulations, policies and procedures.
  2. Students must comply with all Health & Safety COVID-19 regulations, policies and procedures at all times.
  3. Students are to follow and comply with all COVID-19 related instructions on display at all campuses.
  4. Students must not use their status or position with The Belgium Campus iTversity to influence or gain a benefit or advantage for themselves, their families, their business associates or others with whom they have a significant personal or business relationship.
  5. Students’ conduct must contribute to a safe and healthy Institution that is free from discrimination, intimidation, harassment or violence.
  6. Students must ensure that they do not participate in any activity/(ies) that incite(s) or encourage(s) the disruption of classes, meetings or any other activities that take place at any of the Belgium Campus iTversity premises. This includes demonstrations of any kind as Belgium Campus iTversity is an apolitical institution that upholds principles and values that do not to discriminate against religion, race, gender, and any other affiliations.
  7. Student conduct must not incite, instigate, or encourage any discriminatory behaviour.

Residence & Campus Visitors (Those travelling with students & assisting students with moving back to residential rooms)

Behavioural standards help students make appropriate decisions when the issues they face involve ethical considerations. Behavioural standards cannot cover all scenarios but provide guidance in support of day-to-day decisions. All students must adhere to the following standards:

  1. Students must comply with all Health & Safety COVID-19 regulations, policies and procedures at all times.
  2. Music and all other noise must be kept to your room only.
  3. Please respect a complete silence from 22h00.
  4. No visitors will be allowed, unless an appointment has been scheduled with the reception and all screening protocols are followed.
  5. Visitors are only allowed to deliver personal belongings and goods to residential students only.
  6. All visitors are required that they follow and adhere to the rules and regulations of Belgium Campus iTversity:
    1. By wearing a face mask at all times,
    2. Conducting both the on-campus screening at the designated screening area, and the self-screening through the BC App where you will be required to login/sign-in as a visitor.
    3. Adhering to the COVID-19 rules and regulations, such as physical distancing and sanitization.
  7. Visitors will not be allowed on campus if the basic rules and regulations for personal safety are not being adhered to.
  8. The campus security reserves the right to not grant you access to the campus if all of the abovementioned rules are not adhered to, by both student and visitor.
  9. At 19h00 on every day, students are supposed to be in their own room. Be considerate of your roommate and neighbors when bringing visitors to your room. Belgium Campus iTversity advises students that visits are best held within common areas or common rooms.
  10. Students will only be allowed onto the premises via the gate until 19h00.


  1. Housekeeping is provided in the common rooms. Students make their own beds. We expect students to keep their rooms and the common facilities neat at all times!
  2. Students must ensure that they adhere to the health & safety protocols, ensuring that their personal hygiene is on par with the COVID-19 personal safety directives. From the WHO; NICD and Government of South Africa.
  3. Please report any damage to the office immediately.
  4. Showers are well maintained and not open 24/7. The geysers for hot water can only be switched on from 17h00 until 07h00 due to power restrictions.
  5. Please refrain from using the showers as a laundry.

As a returning student, there are key obligations that you will have to adhere to at all times, such as:

  1. Acting in a manner that is responsible and consciously cautious to avoid the possibility of spreading or contracting the COVID-19 virus.
  2. Completing a self-pre-screening assessment (both truthfully and accurately);
  3. Avoid shaking hands, hugging or kissing and touching own face.
  4. Avoid possible non-formal small gatherings in enclosed spaces, for example, small meeting rooms, tea rooms, kitchens, common areas, etc.
  5. Avoid face-to-face formal gatherings of any kind.
  6. Disclosing to the COVID-19 Task team, designated COVID-19 Campus Compliance officer; the Administrative Dean, the COVID-19 Hotline 0800 02 9999, if you have the COVID-19 virus or have been in contact with someone who has been infected;
  7. Ensuring that you utilize our student counsellors if you require support for your mental health and emotional wellbeing.
  8. Most importantly, you will be required to hold fellow students and peers accountable should they fail to adhere to the rules and regulations on campus.

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