Application: Special Permission to write an Examination


The following is applicable when applying for special permission to write an examination:

  1. Where a student has not obtained the required class mark (minimum 50%), he/she may apply for special permission to sit an examination - this is only applicable to the first examination to be written for a particular module, i.e. the first examination after completing the module - no student may write the re-examination for a subject without obtaining the minimum admission mark of 50%;

  2. convincing motivation and/or evidence must be supplied regarding actions that will be taken to achieve success in the examination;

  3. This application must be submitted no later than seven calendar days before the examination period in question.

  4. Students will be informed electronically as to whether their application has been successful or not.


The following criteria must be met in order for special permission to be granted:

  1. The student must have attended at least 85% of all the classes for the subject he/she has requested special permission for;

  2. the student must have submitted all his/her assignments and projects for the subject he/she requests special permission for and he/she did this in time and in an honest manner – the student must not have plagiarised his/ her work.

  3. The student wrote all the tests for the subject he/she requests special permission for and he/she did this in an honest manner (no cheating).



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