BC 3rd-year Projects

What sets us apart sets our students apart; not just a smart catch phrase in Belgium Campus. Our students are a breed above students that study ICT in other institutions. We provide an incomparable learning experience and environment- where students are not limited to theoretical tutelage but are exposed to all the fundamentals of IT. Our third-year students are currently involved in various projects that do not only challenge their IT acumen but also test their resilience to industry pressures. Although the situations we have created are mere simulations; they give the students an idea of how dire the industry demands may get.


In the coming weeks, we will be relaying each project’s progress whilst piling on the pressure-this after all is how gems are formed. One of the elements that discern us as an institution is that we provide technical, practical as well as the necessary psychological support for our students to withstand the pressures of the industry. All the projects are supervised by lecturers and individuals from various Belgium Campus departments- we have taken up the role of the “proposed client”. Needless to say; all the participants, students included, are excited about the projects. We all want a role to play in the inception of greatness. As for the rest of us; we’re just happy to play boss for a while, even in a simulation?

Adaptive Traffic Lights:

Adaptive traffic lights application will help control and minimise traffic congestion on busy intersections. Using cameras and image recognition technology we will be able to count how many vehicles are in a lane, and therefore adjust the duration of the green light for each lane. Green light adjustments will depend on the congestion of the lanes.    

Energy Management:

The Energy management system enables the user to monitor and compare weekly and monthly power consumption. Using the mobile application a user will be able to view a summary of individual circuit breakers and receive notifications for high power consumption. This information will be sent and received over a secure network. 

Health Monitoring App:

The Health Monitoring app is designed for monitoring the health of an individual and in the case of emergency, the app will send out a distress message to the user’s doctor or the ICE contact specified by the user. This app will also allow the user to view his/her present health status when they put on the Fitbit tracker.  

Smart fall detector:

Primarily, the Smart Fall detection system is designed to be used by the elderly. This device will help caregivers/family members know when the user falls and alert them as well as give the location of the incident. This product assists all users to quickly receive the necessary attention. Smart Fall can also be used by anyone who suffers from any fall related illness.  

3-D Gaming:

“This Murder of mine” is a time killer for both casual and extreme gamers. In this detective game, the player has to solve nursery rhyme themed murder cases in order to proceed to the next level; each investigation serves as a build up to the main plot of the game.      

Facial Recognition

Identification cards for what? Identification cards are a traditional form of proving identity. But, cards are very out-dated and have very exasperating short –sights; changing hand bags should not mean prevention of access to your school or workplace. The FR app provides a solution to this age old problem. Using the latest Facial Recognition technology; this security system will verify people’s identity by comparing their facial features with images in our face database.