Academic Courses

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Master Classes

Become the master of your future with our additional specialised classes. We offer master classes on pertinent IT subjects presented by local and international experts.


With the I.T. industry in a constant state of flux, these classes keep our students up to date with the latest technologies, further enriching their futures and allowing them to perform optimally in their respective fields.

a class, especially in music, given by an expert to highly talented students.

IBM Courses

Our lecturers collaborate with IBM experts, offering students the incredible opportunity to gain professional IBM certifications. These certified courses provide an environment for continuous technical improvement, aligning with the IT industry’s needs.


Through an educational experience of international standards, our students are trained to enhance their technical knowledge and practical skills.

AWS Courses

Select degree and diploma students have the
opportunity to gain an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate by successfully completing the AWS foundational programme.


The cloud computing curriculum covered in this programme, combined with the hands-on practical experience on AWS, allows students to pursue further industry-recognised certifications and careers in the cloud.

Virtual Programmes

We offer virtual mobility programmes through video conferences and short exchange programmes in the form of international weeks abroad.


We host an annual international week at Belgium Campus where students from different disciplines meet to share, co-create and pioneer new projects both locally and abroad.

International Week

Check out our international weeks on YouTube

South African National Research Network

Belgium Campus is a member of the South African National Research Network (SANReN), a highspeed network dedicated to science, research, education and innovation traffic. The network allows us to connect to other universities and research institutions across the country.

International Internships/ Study Abroad

Our students have the unique opportunity to complete one-year internships at companies in Belgium. In addition, they are also able to complete their postgraduate studies abroad through Erasmus Mundus or VLIR-UOS programmes.