Secure your future with a full scholarship to study IT in 2022

Belgium Campus iTversity will award one top student with a full scholarship to study our Bachelor of Computing qualification in 2022.

Belgium Campus has partnered with Student Hero to help you to learn about, apply and qualify for study finance.

At Belgium Campus iTversity we understand that achieving your dreams might require some additional support, which is why we have identified the below options for financial assistance which may be accessible to you:

- Student Loans

Student loans are a good option for individuals who would like to study but do not have the finical means to fund their studies themselves. A student loan can help you pay for anything study related, including tuition fees, accommodation and textbooks. Click on the following bank links to learn how you can acquire a student loan.

- Belgium Campus Bursary Fund

At Belgium Campus iTversity we strongly believe in equal opportunity. We strive to create opportunities for talented young individuals to access quality higher education regardless of their socio-economic status. We provide academically deserving students with as much support as we can but we unfortunately lack the financial means to assist as many students as we would like. It is for this reason that we created the Belgium Campus Bursary Fund.


The Belgium Campus Bursary Fund provides financial support to academically deserving students who cannot afford to fund their own studies. With a little help, these students could be the next great leaders and innovators who help change the world. If you would like to help a young student realise their true potential, you can make a donation using the below banking details. Donations of any amount are welcomed and valued.


Account Number: 62614103274
Branch Code: 250155

- Belgium Campus iTversity Merit Based Award

This award is a form of partial funding aimed at assisting academically deserving students (students who have worked hard throughout their high school career) who require financial assistance.

- Top Achiever Award

This award is available to learners who have achieved the highest grade average, in either IT, mathematics and/or physical science, for their Grade 11 final examinations.

- Corporate Sponsorships

These sponsorships are awarded by our Industry Partners to financially deserving students. They were established with the aim to broaden access to higher education, and to date, Belgium Campus iTversity has managed to secure millions of rands worth of funding for those in need.

- Referral Terms and Conditions

Get Rewarded for Referrals

We are proud of our high standard of education and truly unique educational experience! We appreciate people who help us spread the word far and wide. Are you a Belgium Campus advocate? We would like to reward you with R750 for every friend you refer to our iTversity.

Subject to the Following Terms and Conditions:

  • The referred must be a new client with no record in our system.
  • You are required to notify us of the referral before the referred starts the application process. You can do this by emailing your details (name, surname and ID number) and the referred’s details to
  • The referred needs to pay the full registration fee before you will receive the reward.

Funding FAQ

Belgium Campus does not offer full scholarships, however, we do have partners that allow us to recruit directly for them.

We are not part of the selection process, we solely recruit students for our partners who have a set criteria which they use for their selection process.

The criteria are set by our partners and can be found here.

Criteria for bursaries are as follows:

  • ONLY South Africans are eligible to apply
  • All applicants welcome but preference will be given to females, individuals of colour and persons with disabilities
  • The scholarship test must be completed
  • The financial relief form must be completed
  • A Matric Certificate endorsed for a diploma or degree must be provided
  • 50% or more for pure maths/maths literacy
  • 50% or more for English on the NSC
  • Accommodation is NOT included

How to Apply

Belgium Campus iTversity Merit Based Award:

Complete our Scholarship Test and provide us with your final Grade 11 or Grade 12 results by uploading them to your Applicant Portal. These results, along with the result from your scholarship test, will be used to calculate how much you are eligible to receive in terms of this award. You will be notified of the outcome of your application via email.

Top Achiever Award:

Email a letter of confirmation from your principal to: This letter must confirm that you have achieved the highest grade average, in either mathematics and/or physical science, for your Grade 12 final examinations. You will receive an email informing you of the outcome of your application.

Financial Relief:

Complete the Credit Application Form and email a motivational letter to the Registrar at Make sure you submit all of the required documentation. Incomplete applications will not be considered. You will receive an email informing you of the outcome of your application.

Corporate Sponsorship:

Indicate that you would like to be considered for a Corporate Sponsorship by ticking the applicable tick box during the application process. Please note that by ticking the box you agree to us sharing any and all information made available to us, by you, with our Industry Partners for consideration. Email all supporting documentation (CV, matric certificate, motivational letter, ID copy) to: Once you have done this, you will be added to the Corporate Sponsorship waiting list.

Disclaimer: Belgium Campus iTversity is not involved, be it directly or indirectly, in the selection of the recipients of a Corporate Sponsorship. The respective Industry Partners will make their decision based off of their own criteria and in their own time, and will communicate the outcome of their selection process to Belgium Campus iTversity who will in turn inform the recipient. You will be informed of the outcome of your application via email.