Our Participative Development Model

The Reason Why 100% of our Students Are Employed Upon Graduating

At Belgium Campus, we’ve created a ground-breaking, truly participative educational model, where the theoretical knowledge that our students gain is grounded and rooted in real-world experience. By partnering with international universities and local and global businesses, our aim is to transform that knowledge base into practical skills and know-how, so that our students graduate from our Campus and go directly into the world of work.

Our students collaborate with peers from international universities, through multi-disciplinary innovation and research projects, meeting industry demands. We drive innovation to uplift and empower consumers (and their local communities) through technology. We offer so much more than an excellent education – we offer the skill set for success.

Our pioneering Participative Development Model for Education (PDM) sets our students apart through an active engagement between all stakeholders, where everyone contributes to the educational experience to ensure maximum value for all.

Continuous Consultation with Employability at the Forefront

The PDM partnership is powered by:


We see you as co-contributors of knowledge in the study environment. We actively encourage you to enhance your intellectual ability and to build your academic and personal profile through enabling internships, partnerships and practical projects.


Industry partners provide us with up-to-date information on the changing needs, skills and profiles required in the workplace. They ensure we remain ahead of technological advances, societal shifts and evolving industry standards.


Faculty staff at Belgium Campus constantly refines and adapts our curricula in collaboration with faculties from national and international academic institutions. We do this with the aim of meeting the demands of industry, government and society, by producing sought-after candidates who are employment-ready and have an entrepreneurial mindset.