Part-Time Bachelor of Information Technology

The Bachelor of Information Technology part-time course has been designed with the intention of offering a competitive edge for individuals already in the industry to further enhance and develop their knowledge and skills.


We offer our Bachelor of Information Technology part-time for working professionals who want to obtain an IT qualification. As a working professional, it will give you a competitive edge by allowing you to enhance your IT knowledge and skills to graduate with a qualification that will remain relevant in a rapidly changing technological environment.

With a focus on information systems modules, this course covers the fundamentals of an extensive range of fields, including software development, cloud and IoT-based technology, web development, database development, software engineering, and data science. It provides a solid theoretical foundation and practical knowledge
gained through real-life projects.

Bachelor of IT - Software Development Specialisation

The knowledge you gain in object-oriented and event-driven programming will mould you into a world-class programmer.

You will learn to develop functional software programs from designs and programming instructions received from systems architects, software engineers, and systems designers. The applications you develop will be deployed on desktops, networked computers, the internet, and multiplatform devices.

Additional information

• Classes take place from 8am-5pm on Saturdays.
• Applicants with prior IT qualifications and/or relevant work experience can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning to complete the course in a shorter period.

Course Info

Subject View
Academic Writing 171 view
Computer Architecture 171 View
Database Development 171 View
English Communication 171 View
Information Systems 171 View
Mathematics 171 View
Networking Development 171 View
Statistics 171 View
Business Management 171
Database Development 271View
Entrepreneurship 171View
Programming 171View
Programming 172View
Statistics 271View
Web Programming 172View
Cloud-Native Application
Programming 371
Enterprise Systems 271View
Ethics 271View
Information Systems 271View
Programming 271View
Linear Programming 171View
Project Management 271View
Project Management 371View
Subject View
Data Analytics 371 View
Database Development 371 View
Internet Of Things 271 View
Programming 272 View
Software Analysis & Design 371 View
Software Testing 271 View
Web Programming 271 View
Cloud-Native Application Programming 371View
Innovation Management 371View
Programming 371View
Project 371View
Software Engineering 371View
User Experience Design 371View
Web Programming 371View
Subject Code NQF Credits Prerequisites View
Academic Writing 171 ACW171 5 4 view
Computer Architecture 171 COA171 5 7 View
Database Development 171 DBD171 5 12 View
English Communication 171 ENG171 5 7 View
Information Systems 171 INF171 5 12 View
Mathematics 171 MAT171 5 11 View
Networking Development 171 NWD171 5 8 View
Statistics 171 STA171 5 4 View
Business Management 171
BUM17157 View
Database Development 271DBD227615DBD171View
Entrepreneurship 171ENT17157 View
Programming 171PRG171516PRG172View
Programming 172PRG17259PRG271View
Statistics 271STA27164STA171View
Web Programming 172WPR271513 View
Cloud-Native Application
Programming 371
Enterprise Systems 271ERP27167STA271View
Ethics 271ETH27164DBD271View
Information Systems 271INF271612INF171View
Programming 271PRG271613PRG172View
Linear Programming 171LPR171511MAT171View
Project Management 271PMM27167 View
Project Management 371PMM37177PMM271View
Subject Code NQF Credits Prerequisites View
Data Analytics 371 DAL371 7 14 STA271 View
Database Development 371 DBD371 7 7 DBD271 View
Internet Of Things 271 IOT271 6 8 WPR271,PRG171 View
Programming 272 PRG272 6 8 DBD271,PRG271 View
Software Analysis & Design 371 SAD371 7 14 View
Software Testing 271 SWT271 6 8 PRG272 View
Web Programming 271 WPR271 6 10 PRG171,WPR171 View
Cloud-Native Application Programming 371CNA371711CNA271View
Innovation Management 371INM371711 View
Programming 371PRG37179PRG272View
Project 371PRJ371717PMM271View
Software Engineering 371SEN371716SAD371, PRG272, PMM371View
User Experience Design 371UAX371711PRG272, WPR271View
Web Programming 371P-WPR37179PRG272, WPR271View

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