Bachelor of Computing

Our Bachelor of Computing degree will teach you the essential computing skills of troubleshooting and formulating viable solutions. You will learn to apply theories and integrate them in real-world environments, across multiple disciplines, by presenting best practices and solutions.


You will gain sound theoretical knowledge grounded in real-world applications. The practical assignments and projects you will complete are congruent with daily practices in the working world and will provide you with business-specific and soft skills. These include communication skills, customer satisfaction training, the ability to work as part of a team, and the ability to teach others.



In your fourth year, you will have the remarkable opportunity to complete an internship at a national or international company. In addition, you will conduct academic research and present your findings in a formal dissertation.


This bachelor of computing has the following specialisations:

Course Info


Academic Writing 181ACW18154 View
Computer Architecture 181COA18154 View
Database Development 181DBD181512 View
Information Systems 181INF181512 View
Innovation and Leadership 101INL10155 View
Innovation and Leadership 102INL10255 View
Linear Programming 181LPR181511 View
Mathematics 181MAT181511 View
Networking Development 181NWD18158 View
Programming 181PRG181516 View
Programming 182PRG18259PRG181View
Statistics 181STA18154 View
Web Programming 181WPR181512 View
Electives (choose one of)
Business Management 181 BUM18157 View
Entrepreneurship 181 ENT18157 View
Database Development 281DBD281615DBD181View
Information Systems 281INF281612INF181View
Innovation and Leadership 201INL20165INL102View
Innovation and Leadership 202INL20265INL102View
Linear Programming 281LPR281611LPR181, MAT181View
Mathematics 281MAT281611MAT181View
Programming 281PRG281613PRG182View
Programming 282PRG28268DBD281, PRG281View
Project Management 281PMM28167 View
Statistics 281STA28164STA181View
Web Programming 281WPR281612PRG181, WPR181View
Fundamentals: Software Engineering Stream
Software Analysis & Design 281SAD28179PMM281View
Fundamentals: Data Science Stream
Data Warehousing 281DWH28179DBD281View
Electives (choose one of)
Internet Of Things 281IOT28168PRG181, WPR281View
Software Testing 281SWT28168PRG282View
Research Methods 381RSH38177STA281View
Database Development 381DBD38177DBD281View
Innovation and Leadership 321INL32175INL201, INL202View
Linear Programming 381LPR381711LPR281, MAT281View
Machine Learning 381MLG38177STA281View
Project 381PRJ381817PMM281View
Project Management 381PMM38177 View
Fundamentals: Software Engineering Stream
Programming 381PRG38179PRG282View
Software Engineering 381SEN381830PMM381, PRG282, SAD281View
Web Programming 381WPR38179PRG282, WPR281View
Fundamentals: Data Science Stream
Data Science 381BIN381830DWH281, MLG381View
Database Administration 381DBA38179DBD281View
Statistics 381STA38179STA281View
Electives (choose one of)
Innovation Management 381INM381711 View
Machine Learning 382MLG382711MLG381, PRG282View
User Experience Design 381UAX381711PRG282, WPR281View


Applied Information Technology 481AIT481760 View
Applied Information Technology 482AIT482860 View
Dissertation 481DST481830 View
Subject outcomes View


Academic Writing 181View
Computer Architecture 181View
Database Development 181View
Information Systems 181View
Innovation and Leadership 101View
Innovation and Leadership 102View
Linear Programming 181View
Mathematics 181View
Networking Development 181View
Programming 181View
Programming 182View
Statistics 181View
Web Programming 181View
Electives (choose one of)
Business Management 181 View
Entrepreneurship 181 View
Database Development 281View
Information Systems 281View
Innovation and Leadership 201View
Innovation and Leadership 202View
Linear Programming 281View
Mathematics 281View
Programming 281View
Programming 282View
Project Management 281View
Statistics 281View
Web Programming 281View
Fundamentals: Software Engineering Stream
Software Analysis & Design 281View
Fundamentals: Data Science Stream
Data Warehousing 281View
Electives (choose one of)
Internet Of Things 281View
Software Testing 281View
Research Methods 381View
Database Development 381View
Innovation and Leadership 381View
Linear Programming 381View
Machine Learning 381View
Project 381View
Project Management 381View
Fundamentals: Software Engineering Stream
Programming 381View
Software Engineering 381View
Web Programming 381View
Fundamentals: Data Science Stream
Data Science 381View
Database Administration 381View
Statistics 381View
Electives (choose one of)
Innovation Management 381View
Machine Learning 382View
User Experience Design 381View


Applied Information Technology 481View
Applied Information Technology 482View
Dissertation 481View

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