Study IT Online

Study IT Online

with all the benefits of in-person learning.

A diverse group of students engaged in online learning. They are seated at desks with computers, each focused on their screens. Virtual classrooms and chat boxes are visible on the screens, indicating active participation. The background features a digital interface with icons representing various subjects. The atmosphere is studious and collaborative, showcasing the flexibility and accessibility of online education.

Our Virtual (online) learning model makes it possible to study at Belgium Campus from anywhere in the world, on any device! What’s more? You won’t just be a passive observer. 

Our interactive learning platform allows active engagement, giving online students the same in-person feeling as students who attend face-to-face.

Powered by HybeFlex

A system specifically designed to fill the gap in online learning, our learning model combines the convenience of online learning with all the benefits of a face-to-face environment to give you that in-classroom feeling, regardless of where you are.

Actively Engage Online

Our Virtual (online) Learning Model provides many ways for remote students to actively engage with the lecturer and their in-room peers.

  • Physically or virtually raise your hand to get the lecturer’s attention.
  • Directly ask the lecturer questions via your microphone or the online ask questions function.
  • Participate in class discussions and debates.
  • Chat privately or publicly with your peers using the online chat function.
  • Participate in online class polls/quizzes and even rate your courses.
  • Interact on the classroom whiteboard/ classroom presentation with permission from your lecturer.
  • Share your screen/ PowerPoint presentations with the class.
  • Participate in classroom projects.
  • Participate in Virtual Reality projects.
  • Participate in breakout rooms.

How It Works

Video Wall Technology

Innovative video wall technology allows each remote student to be seen by the lecturer in real-size and in real-time.

The Cloud Server

All class recordings, whiteboard screenshots and coursework are saved to the cloud and can be accessed for review at any time.

Multi-Camera Setup

An intelligent multi-camera setup allows you to decide what you want to focus on at any point in a lesson. Switch between instructor feed, whiteboard feed, computer feed and classroom feeds, or enrich your remote learning experience by adding a supplementary feed to the corner of your screen (e.g. sign language interpreter feed/ whiteboard feed).


Our system is user-friendly with minimal hardware requirements and no software requirements. This means students can focus on their lessons, rather than wasting valuable time trying to understand complex technology.

– A webcam.

– A microphone.

– Any device that connects to the internet (computer/ tablet /phone).

– 1Mb internet speed.