Our Partners

Through our Participative Development Model and through various partnerships nationally and Internationally, Belgium Campus has paved the way for a bigger and brighter future for all current and prospective students. These partnerships have led to us becoming an ITversity that matches International university standards.

With innovation topmost in mind, we assist our partners with ground-breaking and revolutionary programmes and solutions that aim to cut through the various industries to put ICT at the core of operations and progress. It is widely recognised that IT has pushed various industries to the point where innovation and change has had the biggest and most direct impact on people’s lives. At Belgium Campus we celebrate this knowledge and always strive to make ample use of the extensive knowledge we have accumulated over the years. Our partners know this and have entrusted us with driving this revolution in their respective industries.again in our modern world.


Our partnerships with various national and International academic institutions also set us apart and we imbue our students with globally relevant and up-to-date research, technologies and teaching methods. Countless opportunities are presented to our students and staff through these partnerships.

Through International partnership networks under programmes like Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus Plus and Pierre et Marie Curie, a number of our students were awarded the opportunity to study towards masters degrees at European universities and to participate in exchange programmes. In addition, our staff have also been able to participate in capacity-building activities, exchange programmes, conferences and curriculum-building Internationally.

Through our continued participation in these partnerships, our students will have an unparalleled competitive advantage to be at the cutting edge of the latest developments in any industry when they graduate.