Belgium Campus offers state-of-the-art facilities that accommodates our students and creates a constructive, unique and tailored learning environment. It is our goal to ensure that our students have access to the latest technology and experience a world-class education in a fun and comfortable environment.

We believe in equal access to education and offer our students an opportunity to enjoy all our facilities. To ensure that these facilities are open and available to students, we make certain that they meet all student requirements, including those with special needs.

To learn more about how we cater for students with special needs.

Hybrid Classrooms

Our classrooms have been transformed into optimal hybrid learning environments.
This allows our in-room students, and our remote students, to enjoy the same interactive classroom experience.

Innovative video wall technology allows each remote student to be seen by the lecturer in real-size and in real-time.
An intelligent multi-camera setup allows you to decide what you want to focus on at any point in a lesson. Switch between instructor feed, whiteboard feed, computer feed and classroom feeds, or enrich your remote learning experience by adding a supplementary feed to the corner of your screen for example: a sign language interpreter feed or a whiteboard feed.
All class recordings, whiteboard screenshots and coursework are saved to the cloud where they can be accessed for review at any time.
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Student Accommodation

We have a range of cosy and affordable residence options at our Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay campuses. These options range from single and twin rooms with ensuite bathrooms, to shared accommodation with communal bathrooms. Accommodation
in private homes in surrounding neighbourhoods is also available for students who prefer to live off campus.

For more information on our residences, please download the Residence Policy document under Important Documentation
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Robotics Lab

Robotics is an elective subject for the Bachelor of Computing students. Our high-end robotics lab is specialised to help students familiarise themselves with machinery that is actually used in real-life situations (i.e. the workplace). Feel free to come and see what the innovators are busy with in the robotics lab.

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Our Pretoria campus cafeteria serves three tasty, balanced meals every weekday (excluding campus and public holidays). These meals are included in our residence fees and day students can purchase meals daily or at a monthly fee.

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In addition to our traditional library, which is stocked with a wide range of academic literature, all Belgium Campus students also have access to EBSCOhost.

This intuitive online research platform allows our students to:

Access millions of high-quality articles licensed from reputable publishers.
Download all their textbooks and access them offline at home.
Make and save notes in their digital textbooks.
Organise their digital study material into easily accessible folders.
Export citations in a number of formats directly from the database.

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Sports Related Facilities

Belgium Campus offers state-of-the-art facilities that accommodate our students and create a constructive, unique and tailored learning environment. It is our goal to ensure that our students have access to the latest technology and experience world-class education in a fun and comfortable environment.

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Study Rooms

Our study rooms are fully equipped with computers and all the necessary software to
allow our students to easily complete practical projects and assignments.

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Learning Factories

We have created specialised, physical innovation spaces where students can develop, innovate and construct the devices and structures that form part of their practical projects.


The spaces, which include a full-scale airport hangar, an automotive lab, a robotics lab and an aquaponics system, provide our students with dedicated, hands-on testing environments.

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Aquaponics is a system that combines Aquaculture and Hydroponics. It is a way of simultaneously breeding fish and growing plants in a controlled closed water system. The intention is to let the water from the fish farming (Aquaculture) pass through a plant system (Hydroponics) in order to filter out the toxic substances (the fish waste) and neutralize the water. After the Hydroponics phase, the water is pure and clear enough to be sent back to the aquaculture again. 

Only a slight adjustment of the water balance is required.

Both plants and fish are necessary to maintain the balance of water in the Aquaponics system. Some advantages of the Aquaponics system: it is greener for the environment, fully organic, much less water consumption than any other breeding and growing systems because of the continuous water regeneration in closed loop. In the same water system both fishes are bred and vegetables harvested.


Fishify is a user-friendly mobile application which provides a very clear overview and allows for full management of your aquaponics farm. It provides the user with a step by step guide on how to set up an aquaponics system, manage your entire aquaponics farm, do regulate follow-ups and schedule maintenance. It clearly indicates what is being done wrong and helps to bring the whole system back into balance in the process. The app also contains general information and useful tips about aquaponics.


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Off-Campus Student Accommodation

Thabo Ledwaba 0716760745
David Berg Residence 0608683000/ 076531868
Emjay/ Rio 215 Danie Theron 0724790216/ 0729786312
Samuel Bokaba Chantelle 0745797839
Simon Leseyane 56 Willem Cruywagen, Ninapark 0182 0672830292
Forest View 0714632574 0795810544