Diploma for Deaf Students

Our Diploma in Information Technology is spread over 4 years for our Deaf students and allows them to specialise in the in-demand and growing field of software development.


We have made this course accessible to our Deaf students by:
 • Providing a customised curriculum for students who use South African
   Sign Language (SASL) as their preferred method of communication.
 • Providing SASL interpreters throughout the course, including during
   the 6 months of workplace training.
 • Adopting a half-moon seating arrangement which is optimal for
   students learning through sign language.

This Diploma in Information Technology has the following specialisations:

Our Deaf and hard-of-hearing students have the invaluable experience of working with hearing peers throughout their studies. This experience, combined with the workplace training they complete, allows them to enter the working environment with confidence.

Additional information

  • A National Senior Certificate endorsed for a Diploma.
  • 50% or more for the Belgium Campus Aptitude Test.
  • An audiogram no older than 6 months.
  • A South African ID.


We firmly believe that every student deserves access to quality higher education. We are constantly searching for new ways to improve our educational offering for our Deaf community.

Noticing how well our Deaf students performed with the Diploma in Information Technology, we have started accepting
Deaf students to study for our Bachelor of Information Technology degree.

Course Info

Subject Code NQF Credits Prerequisites View
Mathematics 151 MAT151 5 12 View
Computer Architecture 151 COA151 5 7 View
Database Development 151 DBD151 5 18 View
End user Computing 151 EUC151 5 7 View
English Communication 151 ENG151 5 7 View
Information Systems 151 INF151 5 12 View
Innovation and Leadership 101 INL101 5 5 View
Innovation and Leadership 102 INL102 5 5 View
Network Development 151 NWD151 5 7 View
Programming 151 PRG151 5 7 View
Programming 152 PRG152 5 13 PRG151 View
Web Programming 151 WPR151 5 13 View
Electives (Choose one of)
Business Management 151 BUM151 5 7 View
Entrepreneurship 151 ENT151 5 7 View
Information Systems 251 INF251612INF151View
Innovation and Leadership 201 INL20165INL102View
Operating Systems 251 OPS25167COA151View
Project 251 PRJ251610PMM251View
Project Management 251 PMM25167 View
Security 251 SEC25168 View
Fundamentals: Infrastructure Stream
Database Administration 251 DBA25167DBD151View
Network Development 251 NWD251618NWD151View
Network Development 252 NWD252612NWD151View
Operating Systems 252 OPS252612 View
Server Automation 251 SVA25157NWD251View
Wireless Networking 251 WLN25167NWD151View
Fundamentals: Software Development Stream
Database Development 251 DBD251611DBD151View
Database Models 251 DBM25167DBD151View
Programming 251 PRG251612PRG152View
Programming 252 PRG252612DBD251, PRG251View
Web Programming 251 WPR251610DBM251, PRG151, WPR151View
Web Programming 252 WPR252611WPR251View
Electives (Choose one of)
Enterprise Systems 251ERP25168 View
Internet of Things 251 IOT25168WPR251, PRG151View
Subject Code NQF Credits Prerequisites View
Applied Information Technology 350 AIT350 6 120 View
Mathematics 151View
Computer Architecture 151View
Database Development 151View
End user Computing 151View
English Communication 151View
Information Systems 151View

Innovation and Leadership 101

Innovation and Leadership 102View
Network Development 151View
Programming 151View
Programming 152View
Web Programming 151View
Electives (Choose one of)
Business Management 151View
Entrepreneurship 151View

Information Systems 251


Innovation and Leadership 201


Operating Systems 251

Project 251 View
Project Management 251 View
Security 251 View
Fundamentals: Infrastructure Stream
Database Administration 251 View
Network Development 251 View
Network Development 252 View
Operating Systems 252 View
Server Automation 251 View
Wireless Networking 251 View
Fundamentals: Software Development Stream
Database Development 251 View
Database Models 251 View
Programming 251 View
Programming 252 View
Web Programming 251 View
Web Programming 252 View
Electives (Choose one of)
Enterprise Systems 251View
Internet of Things 251 View
Applied Information Technology 350View

Disclaimer: Students will be assigned to either morning or afternoon classes based on the availability of venues, seats, and lecturers, as well as the optimal distribution of resources.

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