Belgium Campus History

Belgium Campus iTversity was established in 1999 with the goal of ensuring that all graduates would be employable in an evolving economic environment. The goal was to promote innovation, forward-thinking and aspirations in our students to shape the future of society.

It was imperative for us to focus on developing leading qualifications and maintaining impeccable academic standards for those who entrusted us to provide them with the foundations necessary to excel in the Information Technology industry. With our student-centred focus we continually strive to provide the most cutting-edge information and training methods to create a fertile learning environment. In 2009, Belgium Campus developed its Participative Development Model which is geared to making our students industry-ready by providing them with the required skills, profiles and acumen so desperately needed in the industry. It was our hope then, as it is now, that our students would not only be employable, but become indispensable assets to their employers with the skill-set and training imparted to them at Belgium Campus. We will always make it our top priority to ensure that our graduates are sought-after.

We believe we are achieving these goals as our graduates enjoy a 100% employment rate after completing their studies with us.

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At Belgium Campus, we lead by example through our hard work, passion, dedication and commitment – this helps us to produce graduates who are fearless and determined to become successful. We are wired to make this happen for our students and potential applicants.

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