An Experiential Programme for Innovation and Leadership

The Mega Project Programme is a simulation of working within an international, multi-disciplinary team where I.T. students navigate cultural differences, language barriers, and time differences.



The 2021 semester long pilot programme provided students with a meaningful opportunity to be part of the projects aimed at building sustainable living concepts for a smarter world.  


The specific focus was on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with emphasis on Waste Management, Energy Transition, and Air Quality. This year, students collaborated with other students from these international universities:  

  • PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Belgium),  
  • Fontys University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands)
  • Belgium Campus iTveristy (South Africa).
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Educational Design:

  • Formal Classes from participating universities
  • Student to student learning & project development
  • Industry Interaction – Meeting with real businesses (clients) to propose new ideas for
  • Community Interaction – Context analysis & stakeholder engagement
  • Prototyping
  • Public Address – Students present their final projects

I.T. students from the three universities had the opportunity to engage with this year’s partnering organisations – which are active in the sustainable living industry. Students learnt from these organisations’ business models, products and at the end received an opportunity to present their ideas to them.

Ecodorp (Netherlands)

Open Remote (Netherlands)

TIA (Technology Innovation Agency)

The final project assessment criterion is based on:

  • SDGs – The extent the presentation contributes to the SDGs.
  • Innovation – The overall value of innovation, research and practicality of the project.
  • Solution Completeness – Based on various details such as functional and operational aspects, IT architecture, Cyber security, Software development and more.
  • Intercultural Awareness – Value of the experience towards becoming global citizens.

Student Testimonies:

“I wanted to gain real project experience with international co-workers in order to enlarge my ethical knowledge. I gained more than that and I look forward to applying all the things I have learnt in my future projects.”
“It was a whole new experience working with a multicultural team to solve real-world problems.”

The 2021 Mega Project had individuals from countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Ethopia, India, Nigeria, and more working together providing students with an invaluable experience which is unique to Belgium Campus iTversity.  

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