Missions and Vision

Mission and Vision

At Belgium Campus iTversity, we believe in nurturing the excellence of every individual who is passionate about their future. We have at heart the cultivation of our future leaders in the technological frontline. It is essential for us to not only inspire innovation through the transfer of knowledge, but to also foster the passion of striving for a better future shaped by the bright minds that we nurture.

Our Vision

To transform South Africa into a prosperous nation. There is a great demand for highly skilled graduates with the right competencies, and higher education has a big role to play in this development process. We realise we have to do things differently from other higher education institutions. The strategy of a higher education institution should and must make a significant impact on regional development by cooperating with industry and business and by educating and delivering the required workforce on all levels.

Our Mission

To supply the industry with highly qualified and experienced Information Technology personnel by providing high-quality, practice-orientated education and training of an International standard. We know this will contribute to economic growth and wealth creation.

Belgium Campus iTversity is at the forefront of what a modern higher education institution should be. By investing in people, attracting investors, running community programmes and engaging with local communities and authorities, we ensure that this sentiment is adhered to. We conduct our operations in the spirit of ubuntu – for the benefit of all.

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