Belgium Campus Recruitment Drive A Win-Win

We are so pleased to be able to welcome so many top industry experts to Belgium Campus. Experiences like these exponentially increase the opportunities and choices available to our students.

On the 26th of July 2019, we were joined by industry experts from First Digital, atWORK, Movation, MOYO, Red Screen and Jasper Consultants for our second Recruitment Day.

It was a day jam packed with exciting company presentations which allowed companies to showcase why they are the company to work for, while also imparting vital industry knowledge to our students and answering any pressing questions they had. The presentations were followed by meaningful contact sessions where our students got an opportunity to converse with representatives from each company one-on-one.

“The recruitment days are beneficial because they allow us to learn things about the workplace environment that we may not have otherwise known. They also give us more information about different companies and how many people they are recruiting which helps us make an informed decision about the type of company we would like to work for,” commented Smangaliso Ntuli, a final year Software Engineering student.

At Belgium Campus we see the importance of looking beyond the qualification. We equip our students with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to enter industry without difficulty or apprehension. Our recruitment days are one way that we do this. The days are not only beneficial for our students; they also provide companies with an opportunity to see first-hand the high standard at which our students perform. This often leads to companies hiring a number of our students post-graduation.

“Belgium Campus is still and I think always will be the leading university for IT graduates. About a third of our company are actually IT graduates from Belgium Campus. When they arrive they don’t need much training, they are ready, eager, and strong-willed and we can just drop them with another team and they graft. We need people like this in the industry so this is where we go,” commented First Digital Software Consultant, Hein Schoeman, when asked why his company chooses to attend our recruitment days.

Our third Recruitment Day is taking place today, the 2nd of August 2019. We are eager to be joined by industry experts from EBN, Rain, Entelect, Sybrin, CCS, SDMataclick and Softworx. If you are an information technology company who would like to attend one of our future recruitment days, please contact Michelle Diers at: Send Mail.