2020 Internship Students

The gap between education and industry is a problem faced by many companies today. At Belgium Campus iTversity we understand the importance of preparing our students to deal with the challenges that come with the working world. One of the ways we do this is by helping our students secure workplace training at leading companies in the field.

This year’s final year BComp and DipIT students have been placed and workplace training has commenced. We checked in with a few of our students to find out what their experience has been like so far:

Decision Inc.

Amelia Esterhuysen (BComp Student)

“I am excited for the opportunity to put what I have learned over the past 3 years into practice in the working world. I am also looking forward to meeting new people, learning new skills and facing challenges I haven’t encountered before.”

Decision Inc.

Moses Nsubuga (BComp Student)

“I’m enjoying being taken into the Decision Incorporation family and being in this new space. They are giving me all the support and resources I need to get from junior level to the best Business Intelligence Consultant in the Data and Information Analytics Department.”

JCH Telecom

Juan Heydenreich (DipIT Student)

“I am enjoying working at JCH Telecom because I learn something new every day. This experience has taught me about customer service and how to ensure customer satisfaction. Skills I will carry with me throughout my working life.”


Kevin Terblanche (BComp Student)

“My internship has been a very pleasant experience so far. DVT is a great company and I love the company culture. They don’t just throw you in the deep end and expect you to swim, everyone is there to help you where they can and management is also kind and approachable.”


Mohamed Kader (BComp Student)

“I am currently working at SEESA as a Junior Software Developer. My colleagues and seniors are friendly and extremely supportive. They are always ready to offer help and expertise to guide us in our projects. I am enjoying learning ASP.NET and although the project I am working on is difficult, it is a fun challenge and I am enjoying learning a new programming language.”

RedScreen (Pty) ltd

Chené Reichert (BComp Student)

“I am grateful that I am able to broaden my experience with RedScreen. I have become part of an amazing team who made me feel like part of the family from day one. I have gained a lot of knowledge that will help me in the future as a commercial developer and I am excited to see what else this year has in store for me.”

RedScreen (Pty) ltd

Tania Cilliers (BComp Student)

“I am enjoying working at RedScreen, not only because of the welcoming people and the environment, but also because of the experience and skills that I am currently developing.”

Sybrin (BComp Students)

What our Sybrin interns are enjoying most about their internship:

“The diversity of the work and the great company culture.” – Jan de Jager

“Learning about the industry” – Akhona Mthembu

“inLearning” – Tseko Sejakes

“The coffee and learning new things” – Phelang Molatudi

“Constantly learning new things, the friendly atmosphere at the workplace and having colleagues that are also from Belgium Campus.” – Marcel Cloete

“Learning how to practically apply what we learned at BC and how the industry functions.” – Jean-Pierre Nell

“Pool games before work and being able to complete my training at Sybrin” – Brandon Steyn

“Learning to use the company systems and growing with the company.” Simphiwe Kheswa

“The company culture and the people.” – Alex Kotze

“Being able to build something cool with the team.” – Calvin Monageng