Belgium Campus COVID-19 Communication (3)

Dear: Staff and Students


Following our previous communication and in accordance to the address by the President about COVID-19, numerous measures have been decided on by Belgium Campus iTversity Management.

It is imperative that everyone works together. Any measures taken will only be valuable when we change our behaviour collectively.

The following measures are implemented with immediate effect and which are in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO).

1. WHO principles to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Basic hygiene – please refer to the following link ( of the WHO and Belgium Campus’ first communication on COVID-19 of 10 March 2020.

  • Change of social behavior – social distance is considered as one of the most important measures to reduce risk of contamination. Please refer to the following website and to the WHO website for more information. More specifically this means that Belgium Campus has decided to implement the one-meter social distancing rule in all human interactions.

  • Self-quarantine – If you show any flu-like-, cold- or similar respiratory symptoms, you are required to practice self-quarantine and inform the authorities helpline immediately on 0800029999. You also have the ethical obligation to inform Belgium Campus Management of your situation so that further risk management and evaluations can be taken. Please be aware that flu-like symptoms are caused by many different respiratory viruses. Therefore, people showing flu-like symptoms are not automatically infected (but can be infected) with the COVID-19 virus.

In respect of your own health and that of your community, please adhere to these measures in all circumstances wherever you are, on campus or outside.

2. Operational impact:

  • A. Education

    o All fulltime classes are suspended as of today, 16 March 2020 at 15h00 until 14 April 2020. This includes:

    1. – Assessments including sick tests, class tests and examinations;

    2. – Study leave; and

    3. – Examinations scheduled for the week of 30 March 2020.

    o Scheduled examinations will be rescheduled to take place during the second examination block.

    o Students who are scheduled to present their dissertations, will be contacted to arrange an online presentation.

    o Saturday classes will continue as scheduled but will be presented online. Students will be notified of arrangements via CANVAS. Arrangements will be included with reference to assessments.

    o BusIT Week on smart aviation is rescheduled to the week of 21 September 2020.

    o The visit by Pennsylvania State University and the University of Sydney to South Africa scheduled for the month of May has been cancelled.

  • B. Residences

    1. o We advise all resident students, who would have attended classes, to go home.

    2. o Resident students who are performing their internships will continue. Discussions between the sponsors and Belgium Campus will decide on additional measures if required.

    3. o The residence will stay open as per normal academic calendar but the cafeteria will provide take away food in compliance with the implemented social distancing rule.

    4. o Those students who cannot go home will be provided with access to certain classrooms and must adhere to social distancing and basic hygiene rules.

  • C. Residences

    1. o All extra mural activities (sports, social events, socials, parties, etc.) are suspended until 14 April 2020.

    2. o In line with the WHO, extra measures on environmental hygiene are taken in order to ensure safe operations.

3. Minimal disruption to the academic year:

  • Measures have been decided on and are being implemented to guarantee continuation of your studies in the event that the government decides to take additional measures beyond 14 April 2020.

In response to the different inquiries received, we wish to inform you that preventive measures had already been taken by Belgium Campus Management in that hand sanitisers were ordered more than a week ago. However, due to the unavailability at different suppliers, the hand sanitisers will only be delivered today.


The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority and we intend to ensure this safety while causing as little disruption as possible to the academic year. Please monitor your email and CANVAS for further communications regarding logistical arrangement.


We have confidence that all of you, members of the Belgium Campus community, commit to the message of the President to ensure that the country will succeed in containing the spread of COVID-19.


Be safe!

Belgium Campus iTversity Management