Belgium Campus COVID-19 Communication 22 - Release of examination

Dear Students and Parents,

The examination results

The COVID-19 pandemic is still amongst us and is still affecting our way of living, teaching, and learning. However, it is not necessary for everything to come to a standstill. In spite of the lockdown, quarantine, and all the other measures that we have to take into account, we must keep moving forward.

BC iTversity successfully concluded the examination period and the results have been released. Given the difficulties of the current situation, we realise that some students were unable to write the exams, and we understand and appreciate the difficulties which these students have been facing. With this in mind, this letter will explain the provisions we have made to give those who could not participate the opportunity to do so after all.

Foremost, we are very happy to say that the students who did write the exam achieved a splendid result; 92% of the participating students successfully passed their examinations. This is a very high success rate, and it demonstrates that our students are working really hard and effectively. Congratulations to each one of you, especially in view of the circumstances! This is truly remarkable, and we are all very proud of you!

“We are in this together, nobody will be left behind”

This was one of our slogans when the corona virus began, and we will continue to honour it.

Indeed, a number of students could not participate and write their exams in these troubled times, and we wish to create extra opportunities for these students. We are addressing the issues of students who were not able to participate, and those who were not allowed to write the exam because they had not qualified for them.

For students who were unable to participate:

Courses will be offered again to give students a new opportunity to participate.

    1. The students who do not have internet access or need other facilities for their studies are to do the following:
      1. Contact your faculty to make sure that you are enrolled in the course.
      2. Contact reception for a permit so you will be allowed on the campus premises.
      3. Ensure that you go through the compulsory COVID-19 health and safety training.


  1. The students who did not participate in examinations because they did not qualify:
    1. The courses and their related videos are available online. We invite the students to watch these videos to freshen up on their knowledge.
    2. You will be given new assignments, which is an opportunity for you to show and prove that you have mastered the content of the course, and that you do qualify for the exams.
    3. If you have questions or require help, contact your lecturers – they are standing by to help you.
    4. Please remember that there are other avenues through which you can receive assistance; student tutors and counsellors are available to assist.

For students who wrote the exams but did not pass:

  1. You can sit the exams again.
  2. We advise that you watch the videos and review the online course material to freshen up on your knowledge.
  3. If you have questions or require help, contact your lecturers, they are standing by to help you.
  4. Please remember that there are other avenues through which you can receive assistance; student tutors and counsellors are available to assist.

Odds and ends

  • There was an unfortunate technical glitch with the AIMS system during day one of the examination. All the exams of that day were annulled because of that issue. The end result for the students who wrote an exam that day was based on the results of their daily work. Any student who does not agree with the mark they were given is allowed to enrol to resit that examination, but bear in mind that the last obtained mark will be the final one (not the best of the two).
  • Students residing on campus: we requested the Department of Higher Education to increase our numbers from 33% to 50%. We are happy to announce that we have indeed obtained the permission to do so. Together with the faculty, we will now further investigate which of the students need it the most to return to campus residence.
  • We unambiguously ask that residence students do not return to campus on their own initiative. Students who have not been invited to return to campus can apply for permission to do so by emailing
  • It has been observed that many students appear to participate in classes on Mondays and Fridays. However, on the other weekdays, they are not taking part in the course work as actively. We urge everybody to participate in their classes every day.

Stay in touch

It is important that we stay in touch so both you and the BC iTversity remain informed.

In the near future you will be sent a questionnaire regarding the organisation and the offering of the online classes. Please fill in the questionnaire to help us evaluate the online courses and the accompanying videos, the support, and your overall experience of the online classroom practice. As this is a learning experience and a development process, this will help us to optimise our services continuously, and to increase and ensure service excellence to all our stakeholders.

We wish you all the best. Stay safe and healthy. Stay in touch.


Yours faithfully,

Belgium Campus iTversity Management