Women’s Month: Alumna: Simone van Buuren

Women’s Month: Alumna: Simone van Buuren Graduated: 2015 with a Bachelor of ComputingCurrent position: Senior Software Engineer at Qorus Software What does your job entail?“As a senior member of the main product team, my job entails practical problem solving through code, making design decisions with our product architect, and helping team leads by mentoring junior members of the team. I also give input on product features, technical standards and team processes.” What is the coolest/ most exciting thing about your job?“Having worked in a broad spectrum of technologies and platforms with massive companies such as HBO, Disney, and Apple, I would say that the most exciting thing about my job is actually the endless list of things I am not an expert on. I have to constantly push myself outside of my comfort zone. I have to learn new things, apply my mind differently, and be open to diverse solutions for both mundane and interesting problems.” What does Women’s Month mean to you?“Women’s Month is a time to acknowledge and uplift the women around us, especially those who are marginalised.” Are you inspired by any women in the IT field?The CTO of Qorus, Stephanie Laurent, is someone I look up to. She is not just a woman in power, but also a leader and a queer woman. She is someone who has gone from working in technical roles to leading the technology branch of a company. She’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. What advice do you have for women considering a career in IT?“This is a hard one, because I know I’ve definitely faced prejudice and discrimination in the workplace (and I can’t imagine what it would be like for those who are of colour) and I understand how disheartening it is. I try to remind myself of the many incredible women challenging change in IT, and the broader STEM felids, to allow all individuals to safely contribute and participate. I think it is also important to find your people. They will be the ones who support you and never make you feel afraid to be yourself.” -Louise Fuller

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