Covid-19 COMMUNICATION -09.09.2020

Subject: [COVID-19 Communication – Invitation to Return to Campus for Exams]
Dear: [Student Name Surname],
Belgium Campus iTversity is committed to ensuring that no student is left behind in the 2020
academic year. In order to achieve this, we have been inviting students who don’t have the
appropriate infrastructure in place to attend online classes/online exams from home, to return
to our campuses.
September 2020 Examinations
It is also for this reason that Belgium Campus iTversity have decided that the September
examinations will take place on a platform the students are familiar with and we will be
making use of Microsoft Teams to conduct the upcoming examinations.
To write the online examinations from home you must meet the following minimum
  1. Webcam – Any working webcam, integrated or external USB webcam
  2. Microphone – Any working microphone, integrated, USB or audio jack connection.
  3. Internet Bandwidth greater than 1Mb/s. Greater than 2 Mb/s is recommended.
The following online examination regulations will apply for any online examination written off-site (not on campus):
  1. Students taking the online assessment and invigilation system must prove their identity prior to the examination through using their webcam (the face must be fully visible) by presenting their student card.
  2. The student is obliged to show the test environment by making a 360° film of the test environment with the webcam; this film must be suitable to enable our online assessment and monitoring system to check whether the environment is in line with the requirements as laid down in this procedure.
  3. The test environment in which the student takes the examination must meet the following requirements:
    1. The student’s test environment must be quiet and tranquil.
    2. There may not be any other people in the room.
    3. On the desk or other workplace, there may not be anything except a computer and, in case the computer does not have an internal webcam, an external web camera.
  4. All other materials must be removed, unless explicitly permitted (Photo ID, books allowed during open-book examination).
    1. There may not be sounds from music, television, or any other sounds.
    2. There may not be other computers or similar devices running in the room.
    3. Lighting must be “daylight” quality and overhead is preferred if possible. If overhead is not possible, the source of lights should not be behind the student
  5. During the examination, the student’s conduct must meet the following criteria:
    1. The student cannot communicate with anyone or talk out loud (not to him-/herself either). Communication is allowed only in case of emergency, or for contacting the invigilator in case of technical disturbances.
    2. The student may not leave the room after starting the examination.
    3. The student must face the computer screen during the examination, unless there is a problem that the student needs to report on to faculty.
    4. The student is not allowed to take screen shots during the examination.
    5. During the examination, the student is not allowed to use any other applications than Microsoft Teams and the software required to develop electronic artefacts that have to be submitted for the examination.
    6. The student is not allowed to surf on the internet and/or to consult digital data or web pages or to have these opened unless this is explicitly permitted.
  6. Wearing ear plugs or headphones is not allowed.
  7. The student must always be dressed and behave in a decent and professional manner.
  8. Computer/Webcam setup during the examination:
    Concerning the requirements for the setup of the computer and webcam that are used during the examination:
    1. It is not allowed to have desktop sharing software installed and activated on the computer.
    2. The webcam and microphone required for the examination must be enabled and running.
    3. The webcam must always be focused on the student taking the examination.
    4. The student’s face must be positioned in the centre of the webcam view and must be visible throughout the duration of the examination.
    5. Nothing may cover the lens of the webcam at any time during the examination.
If these requirements and online examination regulations cannot be met, you should select the option to write the examinations on campus.
In case you do not want to return to campus to write the online examinations you may also postpone any examination, using the student portal, without being penalized for this and can still sit for your first examination during the next examination block, if the qualification for examination requirements are met. Students will only receive one additional chance to postpone their examination if they are not able to meet the examination requirements.
You may not return to campus for any other reason than to write an exam and you are required to leave campus as soon as your exam is over.
COVID-19 Health and Safety Training
Before you are permitted to return to campus to sit an exam, you are required to complete COVID-19 health and safety training and pass a test on the material covered. The training will be provided online via Zoom at the following link:, meeting ID: 828 927 7052. Please ensure that you attend one of the sessions on 11 September 2020 at the following times:
  • 1st Session: 10:00 – 11:00
  • 2nd Session: 16:00-17:00
You will also be given access to additional resources including video content, demos, policies and procedures, and rules and regulations via a COVID-19 student SharePoint site. Please familiarise yourself with this content prior to your return. You are also encouraged to make use of the COVID-19 Resource Portal on our website, as well as the official South African government’s Covid-19 WhatsApp number: 060 012 3456, to stay up-to-date with the latest COVID-19 information.
COVID-19 Rules and Regulations
We have implemented a number of necessary measures to ensure that you return to a safe and regulated environment. Please familiarize yourself with the following rules and regulations which apply to all returning students and must be strictly adhered to at all times whilst on campus.
  • Wear an appropriate mask;
  • Adhere to physical and social distancing rules. This means keeping a distance of at least 1.5 meters, preferably 2 meters, between yourself and those around you;
  • Follow basic hygiene practices. This includes properly washing or sanitizing your hands regularly;
  • You are only permitted to make use of the campus facilities necessary for you to complete your examinations. Any student found loitering in areas which do not serve this purpose will face disciplinary action.

COVID-19 Screening

In addition to the above, you will be required to complete COVID-19 pre-screening and on-campus screening on all the days that you return to campus for an exam. Pre screening must be done before you arrive on campus and can be done through the Belgium Campus COVID-19 pre-screening app (available on Google Play Store or at Remember to have your student card with you at all times. Student cards will be used for contact tracing purposes and no student will be allowed on campus without one.
Exam Arrival Times
Please arrive one hour before your exam. Students who have a morning exam should arrive at 07:00 and students who have an afternoon exam should arrive at 12:00. This will ensure that you have sufficient time to undergo screening, find the exam venue and be seated 15 minutes before your exam is due to start.
The wellbeing of our students and staff is our highest priority and every measure has been put in place to ensure our campuses are a safe environment for all. We would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding, and we wish you all the best for the upcoming exams.
Yours faithfully,
Belgium Campus iTversity Management