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Specifically designed to fill the gap in remote education, HybeFlex provides a truly immersive online/blended learning experience that combines the convenience of online with all the benefits of a face-to-face environment.

Unlike existing tools on the market that promote passive learning where students are mere icons on the screen, HybeFlex fosters student-instructor and student-student collaboration and interaction through the use of video wall technology. The system can support more than 1000 remote students who appear real-size and in real-time on the screens. This allows instructors to assess each student’s body language and engagement.

The system is also user-friendly which enables the students and instructors to focus on the lesson, rather than spending valuable lesson time trying to understand the technology. The systems multiple-camera setup allows the instructor to decide the most optimal student focus throughout a lesson. Instructors can switch between a feed of themselves, the whiteboard or their laptop screen which is directly transmitted to the remote students.

HybeFlex also makes it possible for class recordings and coursework to be saved on the cloud. This ensures that no student will get left behind. In the event that a student misses a class, they still have the opportunity to catch up in their own time. They will also be able to participate in any polls or quizzes they may have missed, and schedule virtual sessions with their peers to discuss the material covered.

The system can be fully integrated with any LMS system and our licensing fee is extremely competitive, if not more affordable, than similar tools on the market. We invite you to visit our website to learn more about our game-changing online/blended learning solution and how it can provide long-term benefits and security to your institution: https://hybeflex.com. Alternatively, contact us at info@hybeflex.com.