We Make IT Qualifications Easy

As a highereducationinstitution specialising in information technology, we often come across students who are reluctant to pursue a course in this field. Some of the common reasons they give are that it is too difficult or that they aren’t good at maths or didn’t take IT in high school. In this article, we show you why none of these is valid reasons and how, at BelgiumCampus iTversity, we make IT qualifications easy!

No Prior Tech Knowledge Required

A common misconception about studying information technology at a higher education level is that you need to have taken it in high school. Although prior information technology knowledge is an advantage, it is certainly not a requirement. At Belgium Campus iTversity, we level the playing field by starting with the basics.

No Need to Be a Maths Genius

Another misconception about studyinginformationtechnology is that you need to be a maths genius to do so. Now, as is the case with IT, a solid maths foundation is advantageous, but it is not the be-all and end-all. In fact, you do not need to meet any mathsrequirements to study our certificate qualifications or our Diploma in Information Technology.

If you would like to studyone of our degrees, 50% or more for pure maths on the NSC is a requirement. However, if you did not take pure maths or achieved less than 50%, there is still an option for you to gain entry. We offer a free maths bridging course at the beginning of each year to give students who did not meet the necessary maths requirements to study one of our degrees a second opportunity to do so. It is also an incredible opportunity for all our students to sharpen their mathematics and problem-solving skills in preparation for their qualifications.

One Module at a Time

While other higher education institutions expect students to divide their attention between multiple modules, at Belgium Campus, we allow our students to focus on one module at a time. Permitting our students to give each module their undivided attention gives them a thorough understanding of each subject and makes grasping complex concepts easy.

Exceptional Lecturers

With the right lecturer, any subjectcan be engaging and easy to understand. Our academic staff goes through a rigorous selection process. We make sure that they are not just experts on the subjects they teach but also dedicated and passionate.

Our lecturers go the extra mile to help our students succeed. This is made evident by the thorough planning that goes into each lesson, the passion with which they present their lectures, and the time they devote to helping each student realise their true potential. They are always on hand and dedicate their Friday afternoons to meet one-on-one with students who need additional help.

Are You Interested?
Are you interested in joining an institution that makes IT qualifications easy? Give us a call on 010 593 5368 or send us an email at info@belgiumcampus.ac.za.