Solar Racing World Champions Are Coming to Belgium Campus

Solar Racing World Champions Are Coming to Belgium Campus

Reigning solar racing world champions, the Agoria Solar Team, have requested support from Belgium Campus iTversity for the upcoming Sasol Solar Challenge.

About the Team

The Agoria Solar Team is a group of engineering students from the renowned Belgian institution, KU Leuven. The team has been building solar cars and participating in international solar challenges for over 16 years!

They not only hold the title of solar racing world champion after winning the most recent Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in 2019 but also European champion after winning the iLumen European Solar Challenge in 2020. And while winning is great and something the team is clearly no stranger to; they also race for a more meaningful reason – to showcase the power and importance of renewable energy.

Solar Racing World Champions Are Coming to Belgium Campus

About the Upcoming Challenge

The Sasol Solar Challenge is a biennial event that challenges solar car teams from across the globe to travel from Johannesburg to Cape Town relying purely on solar energy. This year’s event will take place from 9 to 16 September. The team that covers the greatest distance by the end of the eight-day event is declared the winning team.

Known for its difficulty, participating teams must push their engineering skills to new heights to design and build a solar car capable of withstanding the varied weather conditions the Sasol Solar Challenge route presents.

Solar Racing World Champions Are Coming to Belgium Campus

Support From Belgium Campus

The Agoria Solar Team will arrive at Belgium Campus on 11 August, where they will prepare for the upcoming event. They will use one of the institution’s aeroplane hangars as their workshop to get their car race ready and the intuition’s research and innovation hub, Botlhale Village, as an office space where they will finalise their race strategy. During their stay, Belgium Campus students and staff will have the incredible opportunity to tour their workshop and learn what it takes to prepare for an event like this.

This is not the first collaboration between Belgium Campus and KU Leuven. In fact, the two intuitions have a longstanding relationship, with lecturers from the Belgian institution regularly travelling to the iTversity to present master classes.

KU Leuven also helps Belgium Campus maintain an international standard of education by assisting with auditing the institution and its qualifications. The most recent audit found Belgium Campus’ Bachelor of Computing degree more advanced than an academic bachelor programme of European standards!

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Meet the Agoria Solar Team at Our Open Day

You didn’t think we would host the solar racing world champions and not give our prospective students a chance to come and meet them, did you? The Agoria Solar Team will be at our Open Day on Saturday, 20 August. Join us to view the solar car they will be racing and attend the exciting presentation they will be giving.

We look forward to seeing you there! In the meantime, keep an eye on our social media for regular updates and a sneaky Instagram takeover by the Agoria Solar Team themselves!’

-Louise Fuller