Database Development Courses

Study a Certificate in Database Development

Let’s face it, studying towards a 3- to 4-year qualification is not for everyone. There are many reasons why people opt for shorter, more vocational courses, including the affordability and minimal entry requirements these courses present to simply not wanting or being able to commit to multiple years of study. Regardless of the reason, completing the right certificate can open doors to further study opportunities and gainful employment within the industry. 

In this article, we discuss Belgium Campus iTversity’s Certificate in Database Development to help you decide whether it is the right courseof study for you. But, before we delve into the details of this course, you should first establish whether this is even a field you would like to pursue.

The Field Explained

Developers in this profession are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the systems companies use to store and retrieve valuable information. Their role includes writing code to create tables within these systems where information can be categorised and stored, setting standards and best practices to keep them neat and organised, and optimising them to make sure information can be retrieved efficiently.

With this in mind, if the thought of working with data to solve complex operational business problems excites you, you should definitely consider a career in this field.

Belgium Campus’ Certificate

Belgium Campus iTversity is a leading privatehighereducation institution in South Africa that specialises in industry-relevant ITqualifications. One such qualification is the institution’s 1-year Certificate in Database Development.

Accredited by MICT SETA and aligned with the NQF and the South African Qualifications Authority, this purely vocational programmewill give you the practical skills and specialised knowledge required to quickly enter the industry as a highly proficient developer.

You will complete modules in Information Systems, Innovation and Leadership, Operating Systems, Project Management, Security, Mathematics, Programming, Data Models, WebProgramming, and of course Database Development, and have the opportunity to complete an elective in Enterprise Systems or Internet of Things.

Upon completion of this qualification, you will also have the option to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to further your studies at Belgium Campus. By completing this NQF Level 6 programme, you become eligible to apply for the Diploma in Information Technology or the Bachelor of IT at the iTversity.

Furthering your studies through either of these empowering programmes will allow you to strengthen your knowledge and skills within the field of database development and explore alternative career paths within the IT sector.

Need Help Applying?

Would you like to study this programme at Belgium Campus? Our friendly admissions team is ready to assist you with your application. All you will need is a National Senior Certificate (or equivalent) endorsed for a Higher Certificate – we’ll do the rest. Give us a call on 010 593 5368 or send us an email at and we’ll help you secure your spot for 2023.