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Advantages of an IT Degree

It’s no secret that information technology has become an intrinsic part of modern life. Every career makes use of computer technology in one way or another. One could even argue that IT has joined the list of essential skills that everyone should possess at least a basic knowledge of. With this in mind, there are many avenues you can choose to gain this essential skill in a relatively short amount of time, including completing an IT certificate, enrolling for a short course, or even making use of online resources to teach yourself. However, today we will be sharing why taking the time to acquire the in-depth knowledge that comes with an IT degree is definitely worth it!

Increased Demand

These specialised professionals are in high demand across a wide range of industries all over the world. This is due to a number of factors including the rapid advancement of technology, increased digital transformation and the glaring shortage of skilled IT professionals capable of addressing the current needs of the industry. It should come as no surprise, then, that the more in-depth your knowledge and skills are, the higher you will rank in the job market. Of all the qualifications to choose from in this field of expertise, an IT degree will provide you with the most comprehensive knowledge and skills, and consequently the most promising job prospects.

Increased Opportunities

If having access to numerous exciting job opportunities appeals to you, then there’s a degree in IT with your name on it. Unlike certificates and diplomas which tend to focus on one core competency in a single discipline, a degree will equip you with a much broader variety of skills. You will be able to choose between a wide range of specialisations and career paths in any industry, anywhere in the world.

Higher Pay

The entry-level salary for South African IT graduates is a lot higher than in many other industries, and the higher you rank in the job market the higher your salary will be. As previously mentioned, IT professionals with degrees rank higher than professionals with less advanced qualifications and consequently receive higher pay. Although money isn’t everything, financial security does bring peace of mind. You can also rest assured that with a degree in information technology, you won’t have to worry about feeling limited. If anything, you may find it hard to choose between the multitude of thrilling career paths you will gain access to.

Where to Study

Belgium Campus is a pioneering iTversity in South Africa that offers world-class qualifications in information technology. The institution and its qualifications are audited every five years and benchmarked against the accreditation protocol of the Dutch and Flemish Accreditation Organisation. The most recent audit found Belgium Campus’ Bachelor of Computing degree to be slightly more advanced than an academic bachelor programme of European standards. Whether you choose this four-year degree or their three-year Bachelor of Information Technology degree, you can look forward to an exciting and successful future.

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