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Have You Considered IT Colleges?

When choosing an institution of higher learning, it is important to do your research to find the best fit for you. Do you want to attend a big university with a range of faculties or would you prefer to attend a smaller more specialised institution? There is no right or wrong answer and your decision should be based on your preferences and your educational needs. In this article, we will be looking at the advantages of the latter.

College vs. University

Unlike universities which are usually large establishments with a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, colleges are typically smaller and primarily focus on undergraduate education. Classes at universities are usually large and asking questions or receiving feedback can be difficult. Smaller establishments come with the added advantage of smaller classes, which allow each student to receive dedicated time and attention from their lecturers.

Specialised Institutions

Specialised institutions, like IT colleges, are perfect for individuals who are certain of what they want to study. They provide an opportunity to surround oneself with like-minded individuals who are working towards the same goal. The relationships you build in institutions like these will transform into a powerful career network once you enter the industry. If you are unsure of what you want to study or would prefer to be surrounded by students studying in a range of different fields, these are not the institutions you should consider.

Choosing Between IT Colleges

There aren’t many IT colleges in South Africa but if you are sure this is the field you want to be in, you should definitely consider Belgium Campus iTversity. Although Belgium Campus is not a college, it is a smaller institution with small classes, specialising in world-class information technology qualifications. Their student-centred approach addresses the specific needs, talents and capabilities of each student and their unique participative educational model will transform you into a seasoned professional. For more information about this exceptional establishment, email or call 010 593 5368.