Belgium Campus ITversity Articles

IT Distance Learning

Remote learning has become a major feature of modern education and the COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting educational institution closures, have only increased the need for it. Educational institutions not previously offering this type of education were forced to quickly adapt to remain operational and save the academic year.

Belgium Campus iTversity wasted no time in making IT distance learning available through online classes. Their swift response to the pandemic has ensured that their academic year remains unaffected and that they will be able to start the 2021 academic year in February, as scheduled before the lockdown.

Blended Learning 2021

The successful introduction of IT distance learning opened up a range of possibilities for the iTversity to explore, including adopting a blended learning approach in 2021.This approach will give students the option to attend classes face-to-face on campus or from a distance online.

Students who choose the online option will be able to gain an exceptional information technology qualification from any location, anywhere in the world! In addition, Belgium Campus will be making use of the latest virtual classroom tech to ensure that these students receive the same dedicated time and attention that comes with contact classes.

Virtual Classroom Technology

At Belgium Campus, remote students won’t have to worry about fading into the background or being overlooked. With the use of the latest virtual classroom technology, a real-time remote learning experience has been created which closely mimics face-to-face classes. With the use of a video wall, remote students will be able to see their lecturer and their peers and actively engage with them during class. Have a question? Simply raise your hand virtually and wait for the lecturer to call your name.

With the above in mind, it is clear that Belgium Campus iTversity will give you an exceptional information technology education regardless of the mode of delivery you choose. For more information about IT distance learning or on-campus classes, feel free to send an email to or call 010 593 5368.