Student Representative Council

Meet Our 2022 Student Representative Council Leaders

At Belgium Campus, we believe in a truly participative educational model and understand and take into account the unique needs of each and every student. We believe students are happier and participate in their education more freely when their ideas are listened to and their opinions are valued.

Our SRC leaders are elected by their peers to represent them and their views and we would like to congratulate our 2022 leaders Francois Greeff (President) | Lethabo Selabe (Vice)

SRC committees

1st year SRC

Committees and tasks



  • Manage the financial aspects of the various SRC Boards in accordance with the SRC President.
  • Transfers the SRC finances, alongside the SRC President to the newly elected SRC President.
  • Advises on the allocation of all SRC Finances to the relevant Boards.
  • Allocates finances to the various SRC Boards on the approval of the SRC President.
  • Submits a financial report at the end of each term to the SRC Managerial Team.
  • Performs financial duties as determined by the SRC President (Tuck-shop)
  • Controls the storage and use of all moveable and monetary property of the SRC, alongside the


  • To take responsibility for the attendance of all SRC members at all various SRC events and Belgium Campus Official events.
  • To form part of the Internal Commission, for disputes, other disciplinary reasons.
  • To partake within the Disciplinary procedure as set out by Belgium Campus, as the student representative, within sittings, hearings.
  • Perform any other tasks as assigned to them by the SRC President.


  • To receive training from Belgium Campus on the relevant equipment that is available to the SRC.
  • To take responsibility and care for any equipment in their possession during the use of such equipment for the SRC.
  • To collect and return all equipment to the various persons on Belgium Campus.
  • The only person who can manage/is responsible/liable for the Equipment provided by Belgium Campus to the SRC.


  • Launch projects on behalf, upon the approval from the SRC President, to raise awareness or funds where needed, on or outside of Belgium Campus.
  • Performs any other tasks as assigned to them by the SRC President.
  • Organizes charity, fundraisers, recycling, and any other projects of which the SRC might want to be a part.


  • Plan, organize and manage all student social activities on the various Belgium Campuses.
  • Consult with the various campuses to encourage social activity and to promote the social events as provided by the SRC.
  • To work in conjunction with the SRC Student Relations Board to obtain funding from outside sponsors for SRC Events.
  • Perform any other tasks as assigned to them by the SRC President.

The task of the Student Relations Board Member is to:

  •  Function as liaison between the various Belgium Campuses and the respective students and SRC.
  • To create, manage and operate all Belgium Campus Student WhatsApp Groups, with regards to the SRC and the rules as stipulated within this document.
  • To take ownership of all WhatsApp groups, limiting the amount of information, spam, or content that is distributed through multiple channels.
  • To be the communication link between the SRC and the Students of the Belgium Campus.
  • To see outside companies and sponsors for funding for the current SRC Board.
  • Perform any other tasks as assigned to them by the SRC President.