Great response for the BC Open Day

The Belgium Campus Open Day held on Saturday 29 July was a great success and a true reflection of how interested people are to learn IT the Belgium Campus way. We want to thank Sybrin for joining us on the day and reaffirming the importance of our relationships with corporate institutions.

All three of our campuses had good attendance from prospective students; some even took this opportunity to save their spots for the 2018 academic year by enrolling on the day.

We are grateful for everyone’s contribution to this event’s success; we wish to express gratitude to the school principals, guidance teachers and the students that accepted our invitation. We trust that the students now have the right information to make the best choice for their futures.

The students are now aware of the many possibilities in this exciting, lucrative and revolutionary career path. They also know that Belgium Campus is South Africa’s premier IT University. The information that the learners received about Belgium Campus, ICT and the important positions that are waiting to be filled in this revolutionary industry- has provided the nudge needed for them to make the final decision on where they should start their tertiary careers.