International week (Smart Cities)

The Belgium Campus international week started on Monday, 27 March 2017 and ended, 31 March 2017. A group of BC students together with students from Belgium and The Netherlands; visited the Tshwane Call Centre and received a warm welcome from management and the staff. Considerable progress has been made in the integration of municipal services. But there is still a lot to do before the communities can enjoy the full benefits of Smart City innovations. As it stands, responsible members of the community have to physically go to the municipal buildings to get assistance on basic services. We all know how exhausting this process can get. With the long queues and sometimes having to go from cubicle to cubicle, it is not convenient. This is where we come in. As is typical of Belgium Campus, such challenges become opportunities. We put together a group of students from Belgium and the Netherlands as well as some of our students. This group evaluated how we can simplify this process through Information and Communications Technology. Once realized the Smart cities initiative will:

  • Improve lives
  • Improve governance
  • Give better results to residents, and
  • Simplify access to services

We are plugged in and capable of developing a practical application for this initiative. You know why? It’s the way we’re wired.