New Hi-Tech Flutter Based Aquaponics App To Be Developed At Botlhale

Our team of developers at Botlhale Village have embarked on developing a next-generation App with Flutter for aquaponics. This is a move that is set to depart from the use of technology as we currently know it. Alicia Cameron, one of the developers at Botlhale Village, says that there are a myriad of benefits of such an App for people who work on the farms. The App enables farmers to view and share information in real time and across platforms. She explains that if something goes wrong with the aquaponics system, a change in the water quality for instance, then the farmer would be able to effect corrective measures.


Matthys Potgieter, who is also part of the development team working on the App, adds that, because this is a cross platform App, the developers will be able to push out messages and updates quicker. While they are concentrating on developing for iOS and Android devices for now, both Cameron and Potgieter believe that nothing would stop the team from developing an App for wearables in the future, should requirements of that nature rise.