What Heritage Day Means to the Community of Belgium Campus

“Belgium Campus has its own traditions, practices and beliefs. It is important for individuals to share in these ideals as it creates a culture that is unique to our campus and helps to distinguish our students from any other institution,” shares Deputy Head Lecturer Cindy Delport as the celebration of Heritage Day approaches. We spoke to some of our students as this important South African national holiday approaches, as they reflect on what campus culture means to them.


Armand Riley, a third-year BComp Degree student says, “Being able to accept our differences allows us to build strong relationships across cultures,” while Henru Oosthuizen, a second-year BComp student, tells us that diversity brings different traditions into one place where people can learn about different heritages and understand why we all do certain things.


Second Year B IT student, Josephine Nemoshongwa shares that for her, the importance of having a diverse heritage on campus, means that she has an opportunity to be part of a community with a common understanding in its diversity. Similarly, Charlene Groenewald, a Second Year BComp student, explains how her interaction with fellow students has increased her interest in other cultures since she joined the Belgium Campus community two years ago.


For Albinah Hlongo, also a Second Year BComp student, life on campus and the opportunity to engage with people from different cultures has opened up to new and diverse perspectives, other than her own. Belgium Campus truly is a unique and diverse community where individuals not only gain skills in the IT field but also learn to peacefully co-exist and tackle life together.