Like-Minded Partnerships

Belgium Campus strives to provide equal opportunities for all, with a specific focus on females and individuals with disabilities. We actively work with a number of major corporates to provide as many opportunities to our students as possible, both before and after graduation. These opportunities are in the form of bursaries, internships and job placements.

We endeavour to form partnerships with companies that share similar values as us in order to work towards the same goal. One such company is Liberty, whom we have a longstanding relationship with. Liberty provides bursary support and meaningful work related projects to female students and students with disabilities in an effort to prepare them for the workplace.

“Liberty values the importance of investing in youth, the future of our nation. We understand the potential of the girl child and aspire to make a difference in her life along with all the communities that we serve,” explains Leatitia Thoresson, Group Human Resource Operations Services Divisional Director at Liberty.

In addition to the above, Liberty has and continues to recruit a number of our students post-graduation. We are excited to continue to build on this relationship and we are thrilled that they will be one of the companies joining us at our last Recruitment Day this Friday.