6 Reasons to Choose Belgium Campus as Your IT University

So, you want to enter the world of Information Technology? Great choice. It’s a rapidly growing field with many job opportunities and excellent career options. But where do you start your career? You obviously need the right qualifications to get your foot in the door but where do you go to obtain the best qualification possible? With so many tertiary-education institutions promising you the world, how do you choose the university that will prepare you the best for a career in IT?

The key is to stand out from the crowd in order to make a name for yourself in the workforce. And Belgium Campus is the IT university to help you do exactly that. It is our aim to equip all our students to become true visionaries in their discipline and drive the kind of innovation that cuts through all industries.

As an introduction, here are six quick reasons why Belgium Campus should be your IT university of choice:

  1. We take a pioneering approach to education. Knowledge is vital but without the ability to apply this knowledge, it means very little. We have created a ground-breaking participative education model where theoretical knowledge is grounded in real-world experience to ensure our students are ready to add value to the workforce from the day they graduate.
  2. The quality of our courses is recognised internationally. Our IT university and its qualifications are audited every five years and benchmarked against the accreditation protocol of the Dutch and Flemish Accreditation Organisation. We were nominated by The Academic Union, Oxford, for The European Quality Award in Education in 2017, and we are a partner of IBM.
  3. We provide our students with the opportunity to collaborate with international peers. To ensure our students meet (and exceed) industry demands, we facilitate collaboration opportunities on multi-disciplinary innovation and research projects with peers from international universities. This global exposure helps to prepare students for the world of work, wherever they choose to pursue a career.
  4. 100% of our students are employed after graduation. Ultimately, you study to enable you to start a career and build a future. Our unique and committed approach to not only prepare our students for employment but to produce sought-after industry experts ready to lead in their careers of choice is paying off – especially for our graduates who are all employed after finishing their studies.
  5. We offer a range of Information Technology courses. Information technology and computing is a wide field, so we offer a range of courses aimed at preparing students with varying needs for a variety of positions. You can choose between a degree, a more affordable diploma, or a national certificate to act as a stepping stone to qualify for further tertiary studies. Various specialisations and electives are available.
  6. We have campuses in three of the major urban centres in South Africa. We have campuses in the Tshwane, Ekurhuleni, and Nelson Mandela Bay areas to reach more students and make our IT qualifications obtainable for as many as possible.

If you are looking for an IT university that will help you to launch a successful career in Information Technology, contact Belgium Campus today.