All-Encompassing IT Qualifications

Gone are the days when IT qualifications consisting of cramming textbooks and passing theoretical exams were enough to make an IT professional. To succeed in this field today, your theoretical knowledge must be grounded in practical knowledge and experience. In addition, you must have multicultural awareness and a global mindset. The world is looking to these highly specialised professionals for solutions to some of the most perplexing global challenges faced today, and only well-rounded, open-minded IT innovators can lead the way in providing these solutions.

Do you want to join the next generation of IT leaders who change the world? Choose an educational institution with the right qualifications that provide the theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and global mindset necessary to realise your dream. Belgium Campus iTversity will provide you with this and more! You will be transformed into a skilled and versatile professional, through their holistic approach to education and the unique learning experiences they offer.

Real-World Projects

From your first year of study at Belgium Campus you will work on innovation projects with real-world impact! These projects are varied and far-reaching, including projects that improve the health, aviation, automotive, agriculture, and even aerospace industries! If you want the opportunity to work on projects for well-known names like BMW and Boeing, choose one of Belgium Campus’ IT qualifications.

International Collaborations

Belgium Campus is aware that global challenges require professionals who can develop global solutions. Through collaboration with students from international universities, Belgium Campus students are able to develop the multicultural awareness and global mindset necessary to become these professionals. This is not to say that they wait until after they graduate to start making a difference in the world. In fact, Belgium Campus students contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals during their studies, by participating in international virtual hackathons!

Relationship With Industry

Belgium Campus has a unique relationship with industry which ensures that all the IT qualifications they offer are in line with the changing needs, skills and profiles required in the workplace. This relationship allows Belgium Campus to erase the education-industry gap to produce industry-ready graduates, who are not only employable, but sought-after. In addition, experts from top IT companies visit the institution during its annual Career Days in search of skilled interns to recruit. In short, the words Belgium Campus iTversity carry weight in the South African IT industry and with a Belgium Campus qualification, your name can too!

The Participative Development Model for Education (PDM)

Another aspect of our unique experience is our PDM for Education. This is a collaborative model between students, academia, and the industry. At Belgium Campus, we actively encourage engagement between all of our stakeholders, where everyone contributes to the educational experience. Our faculty staff adapts our curricula in collaboration from national and international academic institutions considering also the industry’s changing needs and skills demands. The PDM brings maximum value for all of our partners.

What are you waiting for? Contact us to find out more about Belgium Campus’ all-encompassing IT qualifications and how you can become the next great innovator.