Is an artificial intelligence course right for you?

The world is constantly changing, and technology is developing at the speed of light. This leads to exciting innovations and fascinating new fields of study. It also means that the job market is perpetually transforming and that the demand for skills evolves with it. One area of expertise that is growing fast and is poised to lead the technical evolution for years to come is that of artificial intelligence (AI). As technology becomes more advanced and even more intertwined in every aspect of modern life, the need for AI experts grows. This, in turn, is a great indication of which tertiary course to study for those who are interested in this field and are concerned with employment opportunities upon completion of their studies.


The underlying concept of AI is to create computers or machines that can mimic the behaviour and capability of human thinking. With the skills acquired through a course focusing on artificial intelligence and the related skills, a person is able to create machine or computing systems and functions that resemble human abilities such as reasoning, planning, learning, perception, knowledge representation, language processing, as well as the moving and manipulation of objects.


Artificial intelligence had its birth as an academic discipline as far back as 1955. However, with the exponential growth of processing power and computer capabilities in recent years, it has accelerated as a field of interest. Today, students who successfully complete a course in artificial intelligence can find lucrative career opportunities in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, the automotive industry, finance and economics, law-related professions, military, hospitality, advertising, art, video games, cybersecurity, and government.


Where to enrol for a leading artificial intelligence course

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