IT Courses with Work Experience

IT Courses with Work Experience

Relevant work experience is crucial to succeeding in today’s highly competitive job market. This is especially true for a field like information technology, where the widening skills gap has a detrimental effect on the productivity and growth of many organisations.

If you want to be considered for a job in IT, let alone stand out, you need to show that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to add value to an organisation from day one. What’s the easiest way to do this? Work experience!

How Belgium Campus iTversity Produces Work-Ready Graduates

Are you looking for a qualification that will allow you to gain crucial work experience while you study? As a higher education institution specialising in IT, Belgium Campus iTversity understands what it takes to produce industry-ready IT graduates. For over two decades, we have been working with local and global businesses to ensure our courses meet the changing needs of the industry.

We incorporate mandatory workplace training into our courses to ensure our students enter the working world with relevant experience. We currently have students completing workplace training at over 130 different organisations, many of which permanently employ our students before the end of their internships!

We host regular recruitment events where we invite representatives from these and other organisations who would like to collaborate and engage with our students as potential employers. This is what some of these representatives had to say about our students:

Company Testimonials

“We have a student whose name is Ettienne. We got him last year via the recruitment event, and, at this point, he is probably one of our best developers. He came in with quite a bit of knowledge, which is great. That’s why we love Belgium Campus – I think they really do a great job.” – Rikus Du Preez, MathU Teaching Emporium Project Manager.

“If you look at our current dev compliment, a lot of our devs actually come from Belgium Campus, and ordinarily, the most successful ones in our environment.” – Jonathan Binedell, Raging River Talent Acquisition Specialist.

“One of our first employees that were in the graduate programmecame out of Belgium Campus, and that was quite successful. Since then, it’s been about 3 or 4 years that we’ve recruited here, and we’ve always had success.” –  Dirk Naude, EPI-USE Associate Manager.

Choose Between Our Courses

At Belgium Campus iTversity, we offer two exceptional IT courses, which include workplace training.

Bachelor of Computing

Our 4-year Bachelor of Computing degree includes one year of industry training at one of our leading industry partners.

Students who choose this qualification can specialise in one of two in-demand fields, DataScienceorSoftwareEngineering. Regardless of the specialisation selected, students can rest assured that they will graduate sought-after and/or with permanent employment.

Diploma in Information Technology

Our Diploma in Information Technology includes six months of workplace training which can either be completed at one of our industry partners or our very own research and innovation hub, Botlhale Village.

Students who opt to study this programmecan choose to specialise in Software Development or Infrastructure. Depending on the specialisation selected, they will have an opportunity to further specialise in exciting areas, including Database, Data Analytics,Business, Security, Networking, Cloud, Programming, Web Development, and Mobile Development.

Need More Information?

Would you like to learn more about these IT courses or our iTversity? Send us an email at or give us a call on 010 593 5368, and we will happily provide all the information you need.