End User Computing Courses

Study End User Computing – A Must-Have Skill

We live in a world where computerliteracy is a prerequisite for success. Being knowledgeable in widely used end user computing platforms like MicrosoftWord, Excel, and PowerPointcan mean the difference between securing a job and being overlooked.

Despite the weight these skills carry in today’s job market, people often underestimate the importance of taking the time to learn them. In the remainder of this article, we explore how end user computing skills are crucial for becoming an efficient and productive employee in any workplace and how these skills can be of particular importance for students within the ITfield.

Study Microsoft Word

Regardless of the industryyou find yourself in, being able to package your thoughts and findings coherently and professionally will take you a long way – Microsoft Word allows for this.

In the IT field, softwaredevelopers use Microsoft Word to create technicaldocuments, which provide essential information about a product or service to all stakeholders, including engineers, marketers, project managers, and even the client. These documents are edited and sent back and forth between these stakeholders to ensure the end product meets the necessary specifications and requirements.

Study Microsoft Excel

Datais the most valuable asset any company can have, and knowing how to work with it to extract meaningful information will make you a sought-after candidate.

Microsoft Excel allows professionals to store, analyse, and report on large volumes of data to help organisations improve their strategy and decision-making process. It is a great skill to have in any profession and an essential skill for professionals who work with large amounts of data, including data scientists, data analysts, and database managers. 

Study Microsoft PowerPoint

Presentation skills are like a superpower when trying to make a good impression or sell a product or idea. Microsoft PowerPoint takes presentation skills to new heights. Unlike word documents that are text heavy and generally viewed by one person at a time, PowerPoint presentations leverage the power of the visual to convey information to large groups of people clearly and engagingly.

Microsoft PowerPoint is also a powerful tool for software developers. It can be used to optimise the UX of a product or service by creating interactive prototypes. Hyperlinks and other objects embedded in the PowerPoint can be used to demonstrate what happens when a user performs a specific action, for example, pressing a button in an app.

Where to Study

Let’s face it, regardless of the software you learn, if you can’t use the above platforms, you will likely struggle in your career. At Belgium Campus iTversity, we understand the importance of a firm foundation in basic computing skills. Our Diploma in Information Technology includes end user computing as a core subject in the first year to give our students the necessary base to become in-demand professionals.

Want to know more about this must-have skill or our Diploma in IT? Send us an email at info@belgiumcampus.ac.za or call us on 010 593 5368.