IT Courses with International Collaboration Opportunities

Thanks to rapid technological advancement, our world continues to become more and more connected. This growing connectedness has made it necessary for higher education institutions to provide international collaboration opportunities as part of their courses to prepare students to succeed in an increasingly globalised world.

In this article, we look at the benefits of international collaboration in IT courses, share which courses at Belgium Campus iTversity provide it, and give examples of recent international projects our IT students have worked on.

Benefits of IT Courses with International Collaboration

International collaboration enhances all courses but can be especially beneficial for students who are studying IT for several reasons, some of which include:

  • It equips students with the global mindset and cross-cultural communication skills necessary to excel in this global industry.
  • It exposes students to different technologies and their applications in different parts of the world.
  • It gives students a competitive edge when they enter this highly competitive industry – most organisations prefer job applicants with this experience

Belgium Campus IT Courses

At Belgium Campus iTversity, we understand the importance of international collaboration experience. All our courses allow students to work on real-world IT projects with international peers.

These projects range from entirely virtual to hybrid and in-person collaborations where we host students from abroad or our IT students travel abroad to visit our partner institutions.

Recent International Projects Offered as Part of Our Courses

Penn State Collaboration

Earlier this year, some of our IT students partnered with students from Penn State University to build a DIY educational hydroponics kit. The aim of the kit was to educate primary school learners about the importance of sustainable nutrition and how the knowledge gained from engineering courses can be used to promote it.

The collaboration started online before the Penn State students joined our students at our Pretoria campus to implement the necessary software and finish constructing the system. At the end of their visit, the prototype was presented to a group of learners at Spa Park Primary School in Bela Bela. The learners showed keen interest in pursuing IT and engineering courses and provided helpful feedback, which helped our students make some final adjustments before their final presentation.

International Week

We recently held our international week, which is open to students studying any of our IT courses. During this week, we were joined by several students studying IT courses abroad who worked with our IT students to develop innovative solutions to South Africa’s energy crisis.

Their solutions ranged from using kinetic energy produced by people in dance clubs to generate electricity to IoT and AI systems that monitor household electricity usage to allow consumers to experience load shedding and get billed based on their household’s consumption.

Need More Information About Our IT Courses?

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-Louise Fuller