Master UX Design with a Belgium Campus iTversity Course

Would you like to create online experiences that leave users in awe and simultaneously make you a hot commodity amongst leading organisations? Study a UX design course! But don’t just choose any course. Becoming a skilled UX design expert requires a course that will give you sound theoretical knowledge and real-world application.

Read on to learn what exactly UX design is and how a Belgium Campus iTversity course will help you master it.

What is UX Design?

In the digital realm, UX design involves understanding user psychology to create a user experience (UX) that best promotes a digital product or service. To achieve this, you must study a course that teaches you to masterfully combine visuals, content, structure, and navigation to create a UX that is intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly.

Why is this so important? Well, think about the digital platforms you spend the most time on/ are most likely to make purchases on. Are they difficult to navigate, slow loading, or hard on the eyes? Certainly not! They provide positive and memorable experiences that keep you coming back for more. This effect doesn’t just happen by chance. Skilled UX design professionals are carrying out several interconnected steps which you should learn during a course in this field, including:
  • Product definition: identifying the target audience, understanding business requirements, and establishing the overall vision for the UX.
  • Research: using various research methods, including interviews and surveys, to gather insights about user needs and preferences.
  • Analysis: analysing the data gathered during the research stage to identify patterns, trends, and user insights to inform the decisions made in the design step.
  • Design: performing information architecture, wireframing, and prototyping to craft a user interface and UX that addresses the user needs and business goals identified in the previous stages.
  • Validation and Testing: testing the design with real users to ensure it meets user needs and expectations effectively and refining where necessary based on feedback received.

UX Design Course at Belgium Campus iTversity

At Belgium Campus, we offer 3 world-class IT qualifications that include UX design as part of the curriculum. These include our 3-year Diploma in Information Technology course, Our 3-year Bachelor of Information Technology course, and our 4-year Bachelor of Computing course.

Each course doesn’t just provide sound theoretical knowledge grounded in real-world application but also gives students the incredible opportunity to work on a UX design project for real stakeholders. Below is a brief description of the UX design project our Bachelor of Computing course students recently worked on.

Bachelor of Computing Course UX Design Project

Our third-year Bachelor of Computing students recently worked on a real-world UX design project as part of their course. Working in groups of 4, they were required to approach a South African business and propose an improved UX design for their website or app, or in cases where the business did not have a functioning website or app, to develop a UX design for one from scratch. Accomplishing this required the meticulous execution of each stage of the UX design process while implementing the best practices they learnt during their course – no easy task!

‘Working on this project greatly enriched my course. I enjoyed learning about different design software, and it was great to be able to implement the principles I learnt during my course to carry out the design process step by step.

Receiving feedback directly from a client taught me the great impact small details, like the shape of call-to-action buttons, can have on the overall UX.’– John-Ross Kockott, Bachelor of Computing course student.

The businesses our Bachelor of Computing course students worked with included a comic shop in Cape Town CBD, an air conditioning company, a coffee shop in Gansbaai, a construction company, and a music school in Klerksdorp. Their projects ranged from working with existing websites to improve navigation, create a more personalised experience and increase traffic to designing an app for primary and high school learners and designing corporate image and styling – one group even took on improving the Belgium Campus iTversity student portal!

They presented their high-fidelity prototypes to their clients, some of whom were so impressed that they asked them to develop their actual website/ app! We look forward to seeing the finished products!

Need More Information About UX Design or a Specific Belgium Campus Course?

Would you like more information about a specific Belgium Campus course or the UX design module or project offered as part of that course? Send us an email at or call us on 010 593 5368, and one of our student advisors will help you take the first step towards choosing a course that will help you master the in-demand and rewarding skill that is UX design

-Louise Fuller