Entering July with a Masterclass

The IBM Masterclass, took place at Belgium Campus’ Pretoria campus on the 1st July 2019. The class aimed to provide students with crucial information surrounding the latest software and technologies and how they are being used in industry today. This specific class focused on database skills using MongoDB, Cloudant and PostgreSQL, with a specific focus on Blockchain. The class was given by Phila Dlamini, IBM Worldwide Developer Advocate and Programme Manager for LinuxONE Africa. “We do these classes in all the universities in Africa, to gage the gap when it comes to open source mainframe.” She said.

Technology advances faster than universities can adapt their curriculum. This means that by the time a student graduates and enters the world of work, they often lack the necessary knowledge and skills to handle the advanced software and technology being utilised by the companies they join. Dlamini says that classes like the IBM Masterclass are one of the unique ways to alleviate this problem, as they keep students up to date with the latest technologies and give them practical experience with the latest software. She explains the demand for professionals skilled in open source mainframe “Even internally we have a lot of clients, mostly banks, who use mainframe and are looking for skills in open source.” “We hired 20 graduates in August and trained them in mainframe and by May, 15 of them had been hired by banks.”

In addition to getting students industry-ready, these classes give students access to an abundance of information, they are able to download a range of open source and IBM training products and technologies for free! They also have the opportunity to take a test based on the information they learned in the class, in order to receive a certificate from IBM. Dlamini explained that with today’s job landscape companies receive so many CV’s that it is important to have something that makes you stand out and a certificate from a recognised company does just this. “I feel inspired. I have assurance that my professional career will benefit from this class, it will go towards my CV and that’s a reward on its own,” commented Rodney Shilenge, a student who attended the class.

Through classes like this Belgium Campus keeps its promise, to not only provide students with relevant forward-thinking qualifications but also to expose them to industry experts and experiences that will ensure they become coveted professionals. Students who missed this masterclass, still have an opportunity to attend the full course during the September recess period. So what are you waiting for? Register on your Canvas portal right now.