Certificate: Information Technology

(Database Development)

This Higher Certificate in IT is created in line with Belgium Campus’s mission to train young people to understand, use and apply ICT effectively, efficiently and in ethical ways, leading to gainful employment.


The amount of data in the world is increasing at an exponential rate.
The emergence of big data has completely transformed how companies do business and understand their customers, with companies using large volumes of data to identify trends and patterns and predict future consumer behaviour. With the above in mind, it is not surprising that the demand for skilled data experts with advanced database skills is ever-increasing. This qualification will give you these skills and allow you to enter the job market quickly. The knowledge and skills you gain will equip you to solve operational business problems in the data science space, allowing you to thrive in today’s business environment.

Further Study Opportunities

Successful completion of this programme yields the exit level outcomes described below.

Upon completion of the Higher Certificate: Information Technology (NQF level 6) in Database Development, the student can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning from Belgium Campus iTversity in order to continue his/her studies at Belgium Campus in one of the other programmes offered by the institution.

Course Info

Information Systems 251 INF251612INF122View
Innovation and Leadership 201 INL20165INL102View
Operating Systems 251 OPS25167INF121View
Project 251 PRJ251610PMM251View
Project Management 251 PMM25167 View
Security 251 SEC25168 View
Mathematics 151MAT151512 View
Database Development 251DBD251611DBD251View
Database Models 251DBM25157DBM251View
Programming 251PRG251612PRG122View
Programming 252PRG252612DBD251, PRG251View
Web Programming 251WPR251610DBM251, PRG121, WPR121View
Web Programming 252WPR252611WPR251View
Electives (Choose one of)
Enterprise Systems 251ERP25168 View
Internet of Things 251IOT25168WPR251, PRG121View
Information Systems 251 View
Innovation and Leadership 201 View
Operating Systems 251 View
Project 251 View
Project Management 251 View
Security 251 View
Mathematics 151View
Database Development 251View
Database Models 251View
Programming 251View
Programming 252View
Web Programming 251View
Web Programming 252View
Electives (Choose one of)
Enterprise Systems 251View
Internet of Things 251View

Disclaimer: Students will be assigned to either morning or afternoon classes based on the availability of venues, seats, and lecturers, as well as the optimal distribution of resources.

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