Women’s Month: Port Elizabeth Female Students

At Belgium Campus we are proud of our students and we love to celebrate them as much aspossible. Today we took a trip to our Port Elizabeth campus to speak to 3 of our amazing female students. We found out what Women’s Month means to them and why they chose to pursue a career in IT.

Nandisa Mdepha is a 2nd year Diploma in Information Technology student who has always had an interest in all thing IT. She chose to study at Belgium Campus because she believes it provides each student with the necessary skills and knowledge to grow and reach their full potential.

Miss Mdepha sees Women’s Month as an opportunity to commemorate the strength and resilience that women of the past have shown and that women of the present continue to show. She is most inspired by her mother. “My mum raised me when she was very young, she taught me to go for my dreams irrespective of my circumstances and without her I wouldn’t be the woman I am today,” she says.

Post-graduation, Miss Mdepha wants to develop an application that garners enough attention for her to build a large IT company. “I want to employ other young, ambitious girls like myself who come from disadvantaged backgrounds,” she comments.

Natasha Tembo is a 1st year Diploma in Information Technology student. She views Women’s Month as a time for women to unite and show what they are capable of, regardless of the prejudices and stereotypes imposed on them by society.

Miss Tembo is most inspired by her grandmother and her mother and these are the two women she strives to be like. She chose to study pursue a career in IT because she loves technology and she wanted to show what women in the IT field are capable of.