Belgium Campus iTversity: A Cultural Melting Pot

There are thousands of different cultures all over the world. South Africa has one of the most diverse with 11 official languages and 8 other recognised languages. “I think we are fortunate to be able to celebrate Heritage Day in South Africa as it gives us an opportunity to recognise our rich cultural heritage and the vibrancy that comes with it,” comments Thinus Kritzinger, Administrative Dean.

Belgium Campus iTversity’s heritage reflects the richness and diversity of the country it is found in. Not only do we have students from a range of different South African cultures, we also have students from a number of different countries including Belgium, Bulgaria, Congo, Mozambique, Zaire, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Swaziland.

“An education is not just about knowledge, it is about developing professional, multicultural attitudes and skills, and I think this extremely important for the complete development of a person during their education and beyond,” comments CEO, Enrico Jacobs. “At Belgium Campus we encourage our students to celebrate their heritage and we believe that doing so promotes cultural awareness and diversity of thought, which in turn leads to inclusivity and innovation,” Kritzinger adds.

Like any other institution Belgium Campus has its own unique traditions, practices and beliefs that define campus culture and set us apart from other institutions. “Belgium Campus was built around the notion of family and we try to instil the values of integrity, respect and good work-ethic in all our students,” Kritzinger comments. “Respect is of the utmost importance. We teach our students to respect each person regardless of their beliefs or their background. At the end of the day we are all working towards the same goal, namely building a future,” adds Mr. Jacobs.

The founders of Belgium Campus iTversity, Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Rombouts, are both Belgian. As such, it is not surprising that they would bring some of their Belgian heritage to the campus. This is reflected not only in the campus name but also in the tradition of opening the academic year. “The academic opening allows us to come together as students, alumni, academia, industry and government, to celebrate knowledge and the way in which it can be used to benefit society. It is a tradition we value and a tradition that we have practiced since Belgium Campus’ inception,” Mr. Jacobs shares. “Something else that sets us apart is that all our students wear uniform. We feel that this creates a sense of unity and ensures that everyone feels like part of the Belgium Campus family,” Kritzinger adds.

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