Mathematics Bridging Course

Our first-year students have brushed up on their mathematics skills and are ready for the year ahead.

“I am feeling more prepared for the qualification I applied for. I learnt more during this course than I did in 3 years of high school” – Armand Lubbe

At Belgium Campus iTversity we believe in helping our students reach their full potential which is why we host a Mathematics Bridging Course at the beginning of each year.

“I finished matric in 2011 and started work so I hadn’t done maths in 8 years and my mathematics skills were very rusty. The course helped me improve quickly and understand the logic behind some of the programming we will be doing.”- Reon Gottsche

“I did maths lit so I was unfamiliar with some of the work we did during the course but the lecturer explained everything in great detail and in a way that was easy to grasp.”– Kheoma Ridgard

Our Mathematics Bridging Course assists our students to confidently tackle each task they will encounter during their studies with us.

“This course was more intense and in-depth than anything I have encountered before. It was much more beneficial than any extra classes I have attended in the past and I am definitely feeling more prepared for this year” – Janco Bester